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Eli Cohen Admits To Killing His Wife In Thailand

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Eli Cohen admits to killing his wife in Thailand

BANGKOK: -- Ankles shackled and dressed in an orange prisoner's uniform, Eli Maimon Cohen admitted on Tuesday killing his wife and dismembering her body before tossing it into a river in Thailand.

Cohen pleaded guilty to murder in court after signing a confession. He faces the death penalty if convicted.

His wife Carol's torso was found in February stuffed into a travel bag and floating in a Bangkok river. Her head, legs and arms were recovered later in a canal.

Cohen, 37, was arrested Feb. 24 after he filed a missing person's report for his wife at the Israeli Embassy.

"The suspect admits that he used a knife to stab her to death ... and that he destroyed the corpse and hid it," Judge Paisan Wansungnern said in court.

Police detained Cohen after hotel staff in Bangkok reported finding a bloodstained towel in their room. A hotel video surveillance camera showed them with a travel bag similar to the one found in the river, police said.

Court officials said the trial is expected to continue until November, with a verdict rendered by early next year.

--AP 2004-10-05

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