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Thai Policeman Surrenders, Admits Killing Britons

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was in a travel agent yesterday arranging tickets to return to thailand , they said thailand is now considered a "downmarket" destination.

the police shooting case, the early closing of nightlife venues and negative feedback from tourists are to blame.

vietnam and cambodia and malaysia (especially malaysia) are the hot destinations at the moment.

life moves on.

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QUOTE (eljeque @ Sat 2004-10-09, 13:53:19)

I would also like to see death for for bringing disgrace tothe Tourist Police Force and trhe country and most of all for costing the welathy tourist-business owners a lot of money.

****** I was not serious concerning my statement about the death penalty for costing wealthy business owners financial losses. I should not have mentioned it.

Only sympathy for the 'welathy' business owners, who've lost a few baht over this affair? What about the poorer sectors of the tourist industry, providing vital services to the ordinary tourist and back-packer who will be feeling the pinch since Sept. 9th. In fact, like the places the unfortunate couple who were murdered were hanging out at (e.g. local restaurants, shops and guest-houses), putting cash into the pockets of ordinary Thais, and not the fat cats. I bet their income has taken a dive from visiting Brits going elsewhere, especially in the vicinity of Kanchanburi, rather than the likes of the Dusit or Oriental. That is why it is in the vital interests of the Thai tourist industry and country in general, that the judicial system is shown to be impartial and just in meting out a punishment that fits the crime, once guilt is proven beyond reasonable doubt. The latter task shouldn't prove too difficult under "normal" circumstances, but who knows what twists and turns there may yet be in store for this case. But until the perp. is behind bars for a fitting term, many potential tourists are likely to be a little bit more wary of visiting LOS, so a speedy trial would be in everyones interests.

********* And a speedy death sentence as well.

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TV Air Bookings at Emporium is as busy as ever.  Life goes on. 


Sorry this is off the subject, but I can't stand the old witch in that joint. I will never go there again :o .

Yeah, they are a rather rude crew there. That's what happens when you have some of the better prices in town (you have to deal with cheapskates like myself all day, and lots of them).


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But until the perp. is behind bars for a fitting term, many potential tourists are likely to be a little bit more wary of visiting LOS, so a speedy trial would be in everyones interests.

Yeah, there's nothing more comforting than knowing that if you are murdered in the LOS, your killer will be tried and punished swiftly.


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That swarmy looking cop probably told that Englishmen that he wanted to <snipped rubbish>

You sir, are the ultimate tosser.

No facts, no evidence no nothing, you dolt. Just write whatever comes into your alcohol mind.

Unless you were there, shut up. Idiot.

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.... and, yet another apparent homicide in paradise.


Monday October 11, 9:09 PM

Police investigating death of Swiss man in northern Thailand

Police in northern Thailand said Monday they are investigating the suspicious death of a 32-year-old Swiss man.

The body of Raphael Daumann, of Aeschlen, Switzerland, was found Monday morning at the home of another Westerner in Chiang Mai province, said police Maj. Montri Chaingammuang of Sankampaeng district.

Chiang Mai province is 580 kilometers (360 miles) north of Bangkok.

There was a wound on Daumann's head, but coroners are still investigating the cause of death, Montri told The Associated Press by telephone.

He said police are questioning possible witnesses to Daumann's fate, including a Westerner who was renting the house where the dead man was found.

Montri declined to give more details. Local television station ITV said the other man was a 33-year-old German.

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