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Bangkok Vows Crackdown On Nightspots

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Anyone been down to RCA since the early nite closings?

Wonder if business as usual??

Started winding down around 1:30-2am last night....

Can imagine a very likely disaster scene - police going on multiple bar raids across the nation, arresting people (including tourists) for carrying no passport on their person. Say a figure of 150 tourists in various cities and resorts around the country end up spending nights in Thai prision cells.

Complaints are made to the travel agents. The travel agents respond by making an announcement to all customers - "AVOID THAILAND". Tourist hotspot of Asia? No more. Have a nice day.

If you think about it, the way things are going, it's not that unlikely...

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Its funny to see Rachada Pisek road daily around 2.30 AM. The Pubs are open, Spark Disco is just closing and the Massage Parlours are working overtime. Not to forget the nightly Traffic Jams it causes around 3 AM. But if you havent had enough and want to drink some more, just go to the open-aired Restaurants that serve food and Drinks 24/7.

Wondering why this was possible a Thai friens told me that these places that are opened belong to some very high ranked Thai police and Politicians. Nobody would dare to walk in and shut those places down.

And ofcourse not to forget.... There are no foreigners to be found. Just Thais only!

Was thinking about filming those Bars, Karaoke's and Restaurants some day and mail that tape to Taksins Complain Box. And ofcourse some copies to the News stations.

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Was @ the place where everyone got piss tested down thong lor last night, they were not going to let me in without a passport, even though I had a photo copy of it + a Thai bank card and UK driving licence both with photos. Luckyly a thai friend who knew tha manager interveined and got it sorted :o

This town is rapidly going to shit, I for one am lookin to move in tha near future :D

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I think that for someone to consider leaving Thailand based on changes to nightlife closing times, the country and people will not shed many tears.  :o

:D Enables those who enjoy Thailand's other delights to get by without having to listen to endless moaning ...  :D

aye, of the same opinion :D But if they start trying to shut the whole country down @ 12pm aswell as bangkok wether its thailand or trinidad the fun factor is just GONE for those that are under 50 as there will be nowhere to go and let some steam off on a weekend :D

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