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No Licence, And No Insurance

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So do you think it was the lack of licence and insurance that caused him to hit you?

I doubt that any of those two factors would have caused the accident.

However, those two factors might have caused the victim to pay for his own medical expenses if not enough assets could be seized from the uninsured driver.

Obviously most posters don't worry about what fine you can get when you drive without insurance, but the risk towards potential victims in case of an accident.

They most probably also don't worry about the fact that you or your wife might end up being imprisoned for a lengthy time when you happen to be unable to financially meet the damage done, but more about the victim who might not be able to get proper medical care due to your inability to meet those bills. And may end up with a permanent disability because of this lack of financial help.

It is exactly that why you need insurance for.

So considering your blatant disregard for the law, and an even bigger disregard for your fellow road users I'm going to end this discussion!


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