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Minivdo: A Man Reported To Police After Cash Was Withdrawn From His Atm Account By A Hacker.

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Suwan Nuanla-Or, age 47, a Phuket provincial assistant recruiting officer filed a report to police after he found that his ATM card, from Krung Thai bank, was hacked into by thieves who withdrew almost 400,000 baht cash from his account. He said the cash was drawn out from a machine eight times in Pattalung province with a total amount of 160,000 baht. On the same day his information was also hacked and money drawn out from Siam Commercial Bank totaling around 200,000 baht. It was shown to be transferred into an account of a lady who registered her ID in Phuket’s Kathu district. The man said he had notified both banks’ managers who pledged to investigate and repay the money to the client as it is not the account-holder’s fault.

Andaman News NBT (VHF dial) at 8.30am & local Cable TV channel 1 + maybe FM90.5 Radio Thailand 6pm, broadcast to Phang Nga, Krabi & Phuket provinces, & possibly FM108 Mazz Radio 7.30pm in Phuket, Thursday 8th May 2008 & MiniVDO on http://thainews.prd.go.th/newsenglish/prev....php?news_id=62

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