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Review: "my Thai Girl And I" By Andrew Hicks

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I prefer to wait for the opinions of those that have not read the book. :o

I haven't read it yet and thought it was an ok read, altough I did prefer is other one which I haven't read yet.

Well said! It's virtually available as a virtual read for you to enjoy in unreal time.

Like geriatric kid I can never remember which books I've read anyway.

If I was allowed to, I'd tell you that the first few chapters of MY THAI GIRL AND I can be read on a website near you but I can't.

A Japanese friend told me he read the whole of my novel, THAI GIRL on line but I never put it on and we couldn't find it when we searched the web. All is illusory and impermanent!

Publishing English language books in Thailand isn't big money but frankly I love the old fashioned feel of a book. It's never down, it never crashes. So no, MY THAI GIRL AND I isn't available on the web and I have to sell it to pay for all the printing and other costs.

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I have also read "My Thai Girl and I", and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone living in Thailand or considering doing so - as Valjean says, it falls into the "required reading" category.

Those of us who have already had some of the experiences described in Hicks' book, will smile and perhaps feel comforted that they are not alone. He writes about some of the difficulties and frustrations we all encounter, but with empathy and humour, with the result that the book does not descend into a gripe. Those who have not yet made the move, will perhaps learn something about what to anticipate.

I had read and enjoyed Hicks' novel, "Thai Girl", which was why I bought the latest, autobiographical, work, as soon as it appeared on the shelves. I have no interest in books which simply criticise Thailand and Thai people; those attitudes are far too frequently encountered everywhere. But from his novel I was sure that the new book would have a more positive outlook - and although he does not shy away from describing his negative experiences, the author compensates with his humour, candidly admitting defeat on more than one occasion.

Sorry if this post is too long - the summary is: "great book, read it".



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