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Food Carts

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actually there is money to be made 4 the bargirl.

first she gets a farng who want to rescue her from the barscene to buy her a cart or a few carts.

she then tells him that the government conficated the carts due to improper paperwork or whatever or that the catrs were stolen. in reality she sold the carts or leased them to someone who really doesnt mind being ouside in bkk humidity and smog selling s h it at 30 baht a pop.

win win 4 all involved.

farang is happy he help girl. bargirl make extra cash. someone got a cart who couldnt get one at full price.

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if u want to invest in bargirl s running beauty saloon, food carts, massage parlours feel free to do so. yours may be the exception. in most things it is less stressful to go with the tide, not against it.

im cumpletely new here. just amazed at how people think girls of the bar have the skill set to run a business.

only dead fish go with the tide, most of the fish swim up stream so a fish whi go with the tide is a dead fish.

i had a bad expierinance with a girl to in bkk, but mayby it was also my fault for some percentage.

there are much inteligent girls there, even to rip you of they have to think:)

but if you think thai girl are stupid, i do not agree

most of the time they care and will do more then every other women in the world

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