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Work Permit Question For Teaching Job

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Does anyone know if one were to have a part-time English teaching job (weekends/evenings or less than 40 hrs a week) would a work visa/permit be granted?

Thanks! :o

Probably not. Language institutes (which hire people fo evenings and weekends) are not, IMO, prone to grant work permits. They like the illegal crowd - they can pay them less. With that said, I am sure there are exceptions.

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I think it's possible, although I don't know how the regulations are enforced now. I had a lady friend who worked part-time for a businessman. She did office work--editing letters, emails etc. She had a work permit for another job, but her boss wanted to make sure she was legal--he was involved in some legal actions with his business and didn't want further complications. He did get a work permit for her. The thing is, I don't know if they asked how many hours she worked and I don't know if he got a separate work permit or had his name added to her existing one. Her existing work permit was only for part-time work as well.

Sorry, I can't check with her, she committed suicide a while ago.

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