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BANGKOK 25 April 2019 20:46
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luuk holland

If You Know Isaan, Please Help Me!

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I'm very familiar with Kalasin and the surrounding areas , those who say the people are poor etc are generalising BIG TIME.

There are a LOT of peeps in the area that go on the piss every night and quite a few bars are heaving every evening. The big problem with Kalasin and KK these days are the Police. A Thai could run the place and only be expected to tip the police a few grand a month , as soon as a farang becomes attached , those rates would increase ten fold , whether or not the bar was successful.

The posters above that ask whether or not farang are in Kalasin? This is redundant , the young Thais have enough dosh to make these places a potential goldmine , my wifes aunt runs a very succesful C and W style bar in Kalasin , the problem remains are the ###### police.


I quite agree working for Motorola on the CP Orange (True) Project based in KKN their were some heavy weights based in Kalasin. A large number are Kings men. Who have been given land in retirement or somthing like that.

However they still only want to pay Thai prices for the beer and food. Not much profit margin in that!

I know Isaan business well: You have to invest some 100k bt to make a nice bar in Kalasin. Do it in style to attract the upscale people in Kalasin. The peeps will not visit a good style bar. Very important no other family members in your business. Family always destroys business. No credits to government customers.your targeted customers are teachers, government officials Tell police to take free drinks only once per month, give them the whisky etc in bags., let your wife bring it to them. No free drinks inside your bar. Pay Licence for Whiskey and Live music 20 k bt per year in advance. When Legasit comes around ask them to show official paper. Never sit in the bar and drink with customers, they will demolish you and your furniture soon.

good luck :o

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