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Washing Machine Repair

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Right buriram expert's where can i get a front load machine repaired .It's a Samsung nearly 2 years old out of warranty leaking and the programmer is faulty.


Hi Kerrs,

My brother-in-law does these repairs (and refigerators, air cond. etc). He usually stays with my family and works in Buri Ram (town) but his family and farm is on the other side of Mahasarakham. At this time of year he spends most of the time on his farm (which is where he is now)

He works for "Tanin Air Conditioning" which is on Buri Ram - Nang Rong Road and not far from the Tarweejit Supermarket (the one just past the train level-crossing). Tanin is on the south side of the road (opposite side to Tarweejit) and closer to the centre of Buri Ram. They employ several good mechanics.

I am currently in Sydney but expect to be back home on Wednesday morning (30 July). If you can wait until Thursday for me to recover from the travel and settle back in with my family, then I can help you arrange this repair. Alternatively, you may like to visit Tanin yourself. :o

Cheers Mate

The mrs just phoned korat today and someone is phoning her tomorrow i will speak to her tomorrow and see what they say But your option is looking good i will be in touch by PM at least to let you no whats happening.Please PM me the number when your back anyway and who i need to speak to at tanin.



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