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Stop Smoking, Helping Each Other to Quit

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"Stop Smoking Project" - Thaivisa.com online self assist programme

JOIN UP NOW - just reply to this topic and stop smoke!

Male, age 69, smoking since age 13, approximately a pack a day, sometimes more and seldom less. Do not consume any kind of alcohol due to alcohol allergies.

Cigs in Canada now over $80.00 for a carton, in the USA around $45.00. I just asked via PM what a carton costs over there and if the stores carry the regular non filtered Lucky Strikes.

Have never seriously tried to stop before. All of my friends who did passed away years ago, they were all smokers, they quit and within 5 years, they were gone. That's not an excuse for continuing but it is a fact. Peter Jennings, ABC Network Anchor is a few years younger than me, he quit 20 years ago, now has lung cancer.

This will be a tough one.

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I've been smoking over 30 years and want,need have to quit because they are really getting to me. Smoke a pack a day here In Thailand and smoke even more when out shooting pool and drinking beer. I'm in to give it an honest effort as I've tried everything except hipno and Zyban but would try that also. Got a 16 month old little girl that I want to be around to see grow up and not have her cpy my coughing. Let me know and I'll watch this thread.



Hi Kringle,

Welcome on board, you are now a registered member of our "Stop Smoking Project" Forum. :o

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I have never smoked even one cig but I was writing the message for my wife.

Anyway.. I am watching this forum for her so sign us up :D

Info: 22 female, 1 pack a day :D

She promised me she would try to stop after Songkran :}

Hi Manum,

Sorry, there is no registration by proxy. However you are welcome to watch the thread and pass onto your girlfriend what is being said.

Alternatively, she should register herself and you can act as her interpreter, in this case her posted answers must be her own and we will trust you to make sure that they are.

Sorry for being so harsh, but you cannot quit on her behalf.


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Hi i'm 31 years old and have been smoking since i was 16. I have given up in the past using patches. But i'm finding it difficult to give up in LOS. So cheap. Sign me up. I have cut down from 20 a day to about 7 a day.

Hi Jockstrap,

Welcome on board, you are now a registered member of our "Stop Smoking Project" Forum.


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34, LM Menthol 1-2 packs per day. Smoking more when borring or stress.

could already stop smoking successfull a couple of times, but started again after 10 days to 3 weeks (or so not sooo successfull). In my office incl. my wife everyone is smoking and cigarrets are all the time in reachable arrea.

Before I made a lot relative extrem sports and I don't want to see the inside of my lung by now......

Please sign me up!


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Hi Malcolm,

Sign me too. I have been smoking for over thirty years. 20 more cigs a day, in fact smoking as I type. Visited my friend in hospital with heart problems yesterday thought I should stop. I saw this post, so I'm motivated TODAY

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Similar to a previous poster, I have been a smoker for 20 years, male, averaging I guess a pack a day, ashamed to admit that even having a daughter, who is now 14 months old, has not given me the kick up the arse that I need to quit.

Please register me for the program.



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