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Two Injured As Mobile Phone Explodes

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Sorry.  I should have said that charging the battery every night,

"even when it does not need it" is dangerous.

This also goes for you camera batteries.

A good charger will have a function to drain the battery before charging.

This will ensure maximum life and safety.

Actually, I am afraid that is incorrect. - Or rather, outdated.

NiCad and NiMH batteries do work best if you drain them fully and recharge them. However, most phone batteries these days are Lithium Ion. Lithium batteries do not suffer from the 'memory effect' and can be safely charged up whilst partially charged without damaging the battery.

In fact, Lithium batteries should never be completely discharged as that does have a negative effect on their lifespan.

The problem with exploding phones is where a non-original battery is used. OEM batteries have a special charging circuit inside which protects the battery against explosion. Cheap knockoffs do not have this circuit and can explode.

Search for 'exploding nokia battery' for further information. Always buy genuine, original batteries for your phone.

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