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Govt Launches Crackdown Against Fireworks

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Crackdowns are certainly big in thailand.

good riddance unless in controlled areas i say.

I mean really the waterpipe thing in pattaya is a good example,I personaly dont mind getting water tipped on me by thai people enjoying their day,but fat ,balding ,tatooed,and pissed 50 year old falangs standing on the end of soi13 all day shooting water at motorcyclists on the busy n02 road really want a good slapping and locking up

I agree with you on this ordeal of Songkran in Pattaya. The rest of the country gets it over with in a few days, Pattaya drags it out for a week. I also will except getting drenched on the proper day of Songkran, but what gets old fast is the idiot farangs who insist on shooting water everyday for entire week. I wish the Thai police would impound their water guns when appropriate. :o

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