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Malee Fruit Juice

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You may not mean to be a pain but you're certainly naive.

Are you suggesting that there is any is any food or drink factory in Asia without the same shortcomings?

Thailand's attitude towards manufacturing is about the same as the Wests was 50 years ago, they dump their waste where they like and take all the short cuts they can.

I'll bet none of the local protesters worked in the factory.

I am anything but naive, if you would like to provide a list of others that do the same I will gladly not buy their products either. The way these problems were solved in the WEST 50yrs ago was by public outcry, so why not here, locals are. The comment about employees is ridiculous, condoning these practises like you are is naive!


It took more than fifty tears to solve them in the West and in many places it's still going on and protected by political favor.

Do you always carry on like this when someone disagrees with you?

Where I have condoned pollution and shoddy practices?

I open a simple topic showing local members a bargain and you bounce in with lectures on correct manufacturing procedures then follow it with a personal attack.

You're the one who's ridiculous if you think that the majority people in this country don't turn a blind eye to the shortcomings of their employers.

I wont provide any list, get on the internet and look for them yourself.

I'm glad you apologized for being a pain because you are.

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re read your own thread and grow up!

Wow, that's a really mature argument, why don't you stick your tongue out as well?

I suggest that if you want to be childish that you stick to the general forum.

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We really don't need to go down this road, gentlemen.

The OP made a simple comment about a bargain on orange juice.

For the record, I have a 1 L carton of Malee Tangerine Orange Juice in front of me as I type.

Ingredients are: 100% Tangerine Orange Juice (pulp added; translated from Thaiglish). No sugar added, no preservatives, no artificial color.

To my taste, the Malee Tangerine OJ is much, much better than any Tipco product I've sampled- and I've sampled them all.

As for commentary on free trade practices, management/labor relations, pollution in klongs adjoining factories, etc.- that's fine. You've all had your say 1 time. Which is free speech, that I am a staunch supporter and proponent of.

However, continued commentary off of the thread topic (bargain OJ at Tops) will be dealt with with post deletions, etc.

Thank you for your understanding, and enjoy your orange juice, whether sourced from organic free range happy farmer trees, or from the oppressed salt mine slave factories of the capitalist polluting oppressor..... :o

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Well since you want to play

You may not mean to be a pain but you're certainly naive.

Are you suggesting that there is any is any food or drink factory in Asia without the same shortcomings?

I make a valid comment on a brand, apologizing for interrupting the thread only being minorly related, but a place to encourage others perhaps to consider the environment rather than the 10baht saving.

So who started the personal attacks?? You're right Griffith, this is the last you will hear of it from me. :o


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Gee macca, you know how quiet it's been here.

I'll call it a night as well, merely pointing out that 39B from 64B isn't 10B, making his maths as good as the rest of his facts.


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