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Malee Fruit Juice

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I saw blood oranges in Italy a long time ago. Myself and an ex used to have lunch at a street cafe and they served her this blood red glass of freshly squeezed OJ... took the oranges out of a basket on the counter.

She squawked and carried on but was persuaded to try it. After that she would drink nothing else.

That Peroni beer gets a lot of knockers but it's not bad after a hot morning looking at dead Popes in the Vatican.

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How about this one on the back of Valencia fruit juice: "100% grape juice with mixed fruite juice from fruit jice concentrate"?

So that was Valencia´s Multifruit with 100% grape juice from mixed fruit juices.... yes... it´s not very good by the way.

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All, I tried the Malee 100% tangerine orange juice for the first time today, after having purchased a couple of liters from Tesco this week on sale for 59 baht each...

On the good side, I will say the overall taste and sweetness level (meaning lack of excessively cloying sweetness) are a bit better than the several different varieties of supposedly 100% Tipco orange juices... I guess the tangerine fruit did give it a bit better taste than the regular orange alternatives.

However, after a couple sips, I still found the Malee tasting excessively sweet and with the familiar "not fresh" taste common in packaged/non-refrigerated orange juices here. So, I cut it 50/50 with still water, and it made a refreshing fruit drink...but hardly real orange (or tangerine) juice at that point.

So, despite the favorable recommendation the Malee tangerine got here from a couple posters, I'm sticking with the half gallons (about two liters) of pasteurized, refrigerated Florida's Natural brand REAL orange juice that can be had from Villa Market for about 163 baht. It is the REAL thing... and tastes the same here as in California... no ill effects from the 8,000+ mile journey from the U.S....

Once you've tasted the Florida's Natural brand, I'd challenge anyone to find anything here in LOS that tastes any better in the realm of real orange juice.

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My 2 cents worth.

In CR, my favourite is Tipco's blood orange juice.

But as in reply #63, Florida's Natural brand is

great. Their pink grapefruit is to die for, well nearly.



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I bought an 500mm bottle of "pure" lime juice in the local market today. 12Baht.

I had a sip and didn't taste like there was much sugar in it to me so I'll sample it with soda water later. Can't be any worse than Coke Lite. :)

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