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Frequent Changes Of Sleeping Partner Cancer Risk

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Frequent changes of sleeping partner adds cervix cancer risk, says expert

KHON KAEN: -- A health researcher at a northeastern university of Thailand has warned that a number of Thai women now suffer from cervix cancer at younger age, with thousands new patients seeking treatment every year.

Dr. Pisamai Yuenyaow, the health expert from Khon Kaen University's Department of Obstetrics, said that most of the patients live in the North, followed by Northeast.

The International Cancer Research Institute reports that there are 6,192 new cervix cancer sufferers in Thailand every year, and at least 3,166 die.

The researcher found several factors that promote cervix cancer in these women.

She said they had been sexual active in their late teens, or younger than 20 years old, and had frequently changed their sleeping partners.

Some bore many children at young age and some suffered from certain sexual transmittable diseases, and had never sought a pap smear which is a screening test for cancer of the cervix, she said.

''Some frequently suffered from irritations in vaginal or cervix infection, but were not treated. Even teenage women are now having high risk to develop cervix cancer if they change many lovers,'' she said.

The researcher said in the past, most Thai women who suffered from cervix cancer were aged beyond 35.

Dr. Pisamai decided to conduct the study to determine risk factors of cervix cancer after the Khon Kaen University's Cancer Unit reported most cancer patients in the past ten years have been suffered from cervix cancer.

''Most patients came to the hospital when they developed the last stage of cervix cancer which is beyond cure even though this type of cancer could be detected and treated at an early stage,'' said Doctor Pisamai.

She said cervix cancer is normally caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), but not every woman who has it developed the cancer unless she has carried other sexual behaviors that increase her risk.

The symptom of cervix cancer at its early stage, she said, was that the patients would have vaginal discharge which could be in normal color or yellow or green and even with blood strains.

''The discharge has an unpleasant smell. There is a bleeding while or after having a sexual intercourse, and she would suffer from weigh loss, exhaustion, and swollen thighs and urinate much less,'' she said.

''To prevent the cervix cancer, women should seek a pap smear at least once a year because this cancer could be prevented and cured if found early,'' she said.

However, men could also suffer penis cancer if he contracts the HPV from his partner. and has also changed lovers often, said the researcher.

''Men could be the HPV carriers as well. He could give it to his sleeping partner,' 'she said.

The researcher also mentioned that smoking, as well as lacking of certain nutritious substances could add more risk to cervix cancer.

''Lack of awareness and financial support are also factors for most Thai women who suffer cervix cancer. They don't get annual pap smear to look for signs, or they have been on birth control pills for a long period of time and they don't get treatment for it,'' she said.

--TNA 2004-11-14

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I have a sleeping partner in my business.

Does this mean I risk getting cancer??

This is a serious matter, I am sure that there are many other parts of this board, where you can vent your facetious comments.

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