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Fashion - A Multi-billion Dollar Industry

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You're an uneducated moron!

Every designer in the world goes to Tokyo for inspiration. Tokyo in know as a mecca for progressive fashion and style.

Every designer, buyer and purchaser I know in the industry is sent to Tokyo almost every season to check out what is hot and up and coming

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sorry, take that back.

I work in the industry and have so for a while first time working in thailand.

My comments come form experience and knowlegde.

I don't know what field you work in but i'm sure if someone made a totally incorrect statement you would find it annoying as well.

Only thing you are right about is Bangkok not even close to achieving recognition

as a "fashion" capital.

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Yesterday, 2004-11-18 11:17:54 Post #15 

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QUOTE(marquess @ 2004-11-15 23:07:54)

I wonder how long it will be before some minister starts jumping up and down, because a model has shown a bit of breast on the catwalk? Bring back Ftv and get rid of that so called Chic Channel, which is just full of too much Bangkok wanbe chat.

Is the FTV gone from cable ? Reason ?

I think it is quite a nice channel.



I suppose that like TNT, it was taken off for cost reasons. When I enquired at UBC, they gave me the usual wishy washy answer, about how good the Chic Channel would be. It is an inferior product, not cosmopolitan enough and too much insignificant Bangkok fashion chat. Whereas the Ftv, used to just show rather than talk.

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