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Woman, 82, Attacked Cheating Husband With Axe

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An 82-year-old woman was arrested for trying to kill her 80-year-old husband with an axe because she suspected he was having an affair, police in Japan said today.

Mitsu Horie allegedly went into her husband’s bedroom and began to bludgeon his head with an axe the couple kept in their storeroom, said an official with the Daigo police.

The woman’s husband, Kodo Horie, was unconscious when taken to hospital.

The couple’s 51-year old daughter, who lives in the same house, called an ambulance after she was awakened by her mother’s yelling and saw her father bleeding.

Police said Mitsu confessed to the crime.

“I thought he was having an affair. I was filled with hatred and tried to kill him,” the police quoted Mitsu as saying.

The woman had previously complained she believed her husband was cheating, her daughter told the police.

Daigo is about 80 miles north-east of Tokyo.


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I "wooden" be suprised if he is feeling a little "cut up" about it. I guess the will "split" up if you axe me!!!

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