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Strange Death Of British Diver

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English diver dies off Sattahip

Search and rescue team helicopter spots floating body

Pacharapol Panrak

The body of an English scuba diver was spotted 15 nautical miles southeast of Sattahip during a naval search operation. The man, later identified as Andreas D. Andaree, 66, was diving with a Pattaya dive school when he disappeared.

The captain of the dive boat contacted the Sattahip navy and coast guard and Vice Adm. Jamnong Kittipeerachol ordered the search for the lost diver. A naval helicopter located the body floating in the water and a navy vessel was then dispatched to recover the deceased Englishman.

When divers arrived they found that Andreas still had is scuba equipment attached and a large wound. The body was brought back to Sattahip where police inspected the body before sending it off to the forensic institute for a post mortem.

Pol. Maj. Damronrak Malitong, criminal investigation officer in charge of the case revealed that the cause of death was unnatural due to the wound and that police are continuing with their investigation.

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He may have received a deadly cut by a boat propeller...

Most likely. The long boat props are deadly. I had a close encounter once. :o

A friend of mine in the dive industry in Pattaya told me last week that a dive boat had accidentally left a diver behind (a la the recent movie, "Open Water"), and that they hadn't found him yet. Wonder if this is the same person?

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Most likely a propellor but you can't discount sharks in that area. Tigers, Whitetip, Greys, and Blacktips are all common to the Gulf of Thailand.

The only one likely to bite man is the tiger shark. As to being "propped" that just isn't that infrequent of a deal, sad to say. Sixty Six years, how about a heart attack then the bite of prpb job?????

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We've had quite a few barracuda bites here, they see something shiny (watch, silver necklace) and think it's a fish. A good size barracuda can weigh up to 30k or more and they also have a good set of teeth on them.

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That is a lot of surmising people many ifffs.

We do not know his bottom time how many dives in the day he did maybe we should leave the sum missing to the autopsy.

Just a bit of banter , nice spelling btw..... :o

see edited text.

Yes banter but we do not have enough information as yet

By the time the info is gathered , we Vultures will have moved on to a new victim...... :D

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