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New Thailand Tourism Campaign Announced

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TAT coins a fresh slogan to promote Thailand

Bye, bye 'Amazing Thailand' because 'Happiness on Earth' is the new catch phrase

Globetrotter & team

The cover of the new TAT booklet prmoting river tours.

Getting bored of the Amazing Thailand campaign which has been running for two years now? Very soon you will be seeing a new slogan. The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has made "Happiness on Earth" its marketing campaign for next year. The slogan was formally introduced to the media at the World Travel Market held in London during November 8-11.

According to Jutamas Siriwan, the TAT governor, the underlying theme of the new campaign is that "every hour in Thailand is happy hour".

"When people think of travelling, they expect happiness. And Thailand just matches this criteria. That is how the slogan was coined.

"This time we have been more careful in choosing the words for this campaign. Unlike Amazing Thailand which can carry both positive and negative connotation, we're sure that "happiness" can only have a positive effect," said Jutamas at the press conference.

The slogan will be translated into many languages. And because the message is simple Jutamas is confident that it can relate and appeal to people of all nationalities.

Riverine wonders

Creating tourism products is getting more and more difficult so TAT is repackaging what is already there.

"It's impossible to change the structure of Thailand," says TAT governor Jutamas Siriwan. "But we can present them in a different way,"

It's like putting old whisky into a new bottle. TAT's latest initiative is the launch of river-based tourism.

"Touring Thailand's rivers you can see the genuine Thai way of life. Cruising the rivers you can admire the beautiful natural scenery, culture and farms," she said.

TAT has published a booklet promoting 41 river routes across Thailand. It will go on sale soon. Titled "The Riverine Wonders of Thailand _ The Unique Oriental Charm", it will highlight river cruises in Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Nakhon Pathom, Samut Sakhon, Samut Songkhram, Ayutthaya and Kanchanaburi.

Keep up the good work

With tourism being hit by one debacle after another over the past year or two, TAT had to work harder to drive the industry forward as it is the biggest foreign exchange earner for the country.

It's been trying to promote Thailand as a tourist destination among foreign travellers by attending travel trade shows overseas.

For the record, this year TAT joined 17 international travel events. In addition, its overseas offices participated in more than 200 other smaller-scale niche events.

No wonder Thailand continues to appeal to a diverse range of international travellers.


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Depending on your interests "Happiness on Earth" could apply to lots of

places, not just Thailand!!

It is good idea to mention the name of the place when you dream up a slogan.

"Malaysia, truly Asia" is quite a good one.

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Thailand launches Happiness on Earth

กชกช (2004-11-11 9:16:10)

THE Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has formally introduced the theme of its new promotional campaign, Thailand: Happiness on Earth (See TTG Daily News August 23, 2004 'Amazing Thailand to End').

TAT governor, Ms Jutamas Siriwan, said the goal of the campaign, which replaces the four-year-old Amazing Thailand campaign, was to highlight the quality of the country's products and services.

"We will be placing emphasis on the happiness visitors can experience from Thailand's friendly people, cultural attractions, fun festivals, natural landscapes, spas, and convenient transportation network," she said.

A new logo is being launched to go with the new slogan. Featuring a half-circle representing the earth, it is emblazoned with a five-coloured flower suggesting an image of uniqueness and fun. In support of the campaign, the TAT will be encouraging Thailand tourism operators to maintain high standards in their products.


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Hello.. Amazing Thailand campaign was in 1997/1998.

It was retired I think 2 years ago when the slogan became: "Unseen Thailand".

I liked both as you could use both in the negative as well. :o Obvious for 'Amazing Thaiand' for all the bad things that happen, and Unseen Thailand as in now unseen nighlife, etc. :D

I think the new slogan is uninspired and will just cause your 'advertising-blurb'-sense to tune it out as it's really just advertiser-language.



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will there be an advertising campaign on CNN?

According to Jutamas Siriwan, the TAT governor, the underlying theme of the new campaign is that "every hour in Thailand is happy hour".

when was this peanut last in thailand? I suppose he thinks the world does not know about the violence in the south. Give him a pointy stick and send him south to maintain law and order while chanting "happiness on earth"


these sort of idiots must be held up to public ridicule...


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It's a little off topic, but where can I get the latest faked tourist arrival statistics for LOS?

The TAT took the monthly tourist arrival statistics off their webpage sometime last year and only provides one with wishful thinking tourist arrival projections for the entire year.

Are there really 12 million tourists this year?? :o

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I understand that Thailand is trying to change it's image. How about "More than just cheap sex!" for next years slogan? :D

I heard this new them a couple of weeks ago while I was working on some promo stuff about Chinese New Year. I was told that our theme would be "Happiness on Chinese New Year". When I tried to fix it, I was told that I could not! Expect to see lots of badly written "happiness on X" posters & signs coming soon! :o

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""""""TAT has published a booklet promoting 41 river routes across Thailand. It will go on sale soon. Titled "The Riverine Wonders of Thailand _ The Unique Oriental Charm", """"""

"It will go on sale soon."

Instead, why don't they give it away to promote tourism.

""Happiness on Earth" It sounds almost like it is from the bible

How to achieve happiness on earth... Nirvana

To the poster who mentioned tourist arrrivals:

I am no expert on this, but it might be possible to get a good estimate of arrivals based on the airlines figures. I know that it would incude Thais, businessmen, and others -not only tourists, but one might be able to get an

estimate using this method, and then refine it.

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