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New Thailand Tourism Campaign Announced

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Or how about:

"Thailand, keep your best ride save ..... at home ....... come alone!"

I must state that I did read an article in the Nation the other day saying that Thailand was not well presented at the International Tourism Fair since all the ministers where busy prepairing the new T.R.T campaign for the upcoming elections.

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"every hour in Thailand is happy hour."

Do they know that 'happy hour' means cheap drinks?..at least in the USA.

Same here, cheap drinks early evening. But with the new licensing hours, bars close after happy hours, so the slogan fits the 'new' Thailand.
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According to Jutamas Siriwan, the TAT governor, the underlying theme of the new campaign is that "every hour in Thailand is happy hour".

Sure, happy hours means cheap drinks.

Often, buy one, get one free. But is Khun Jutamas talking about drinks, only?

How about bar fines, LT, ST?

Just wondering.

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New Thailand tourism campaign announced

BANGKOK: -- The Tourism Authority of Thailand has made "Happiness on Earth" its marketing campaign, with the theme "Every Hour in Thailand is Happy Hour."

"When people think of travelling, they expect happiness and Thailand just matches this criteria -- that is how the slogan was coined," Jutamas Siriwan, TAT governor, told reporters. "This time we have been more careful in choosing the words for this campaign, unlike 'Amazing Thailand,' which can carry both positive and negative connotation, we're sure that 'happiness' can only have a positive effect."

Jutamas is confident that the new marketing campaign -- translated in several markets -- can relate and appeal to people of all nationalities, the Bangkok Post reported Saturday.

TAT has also published a booklet promoting 41 river routes across Thailand entitled "The Riverine Wonders of Thailand -- The Unique Oriental Charm." It highlights river cruises in Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Nakhon Pathom, Samut Sakhon, Samut Songkhram, Ayutthaya and Kanchanaburi.

--UPI 2004-11-20

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