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Filipino Food

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Some Filipino dishes are decent - most of the ones I like involve pork, though.

Jollibees is beyond horrible.

But the one that I find the most disgusting - hot dogs. Must be 99% filler, and colored with a red dye on the outside. Doesn't matter if you find famous American brands like Swift manufacturing hot dogs in the Philippines, it's the same crappy stuff. Yet every Filipino I talk to, the number one thing they put in their suitcases when they travel are those disgusting hot dogs (like Thais and their Mama noodles).

Filipino spaghetti contains those hot dogs plus ketchup and sugar and does not in the least resemble any other spaghetti I've ever eaten, except perhaps for Chef Boyardee's canned stuff.

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Having spent almost a decade there before moving to LOS....mainly for the better food here.

I've often wondered why the Philipinos have been colonized by 2 western powers and only the worst of their foods have taken hold there and when the Phillipinos try to copy western food, they fall terribly short, yet the Thais , who have a delicious local cuisine can copy western food much better.


There are a handfull of Pinay dishes that I do appreciate....eggplant torta, some adobos, and a marinated seafood salad like cerviche....forget the name.

Also, observed that the Philipinos disrespect their food all the way from the market [filthy and full of flies] to the table, where it is often served at room temp, when it should be hot or cold]. Way too much sugar, msg and oil!!!

I do love the people of the Phil.....but would rather eat my own food there. saved a lot on restaurant costs

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