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Home Builders/house Builders Isaan - A Success Story

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benfica the build cost 2 years ago was 1.76M but I have spent a lot more on it now with upgrades (interior & wall) that were not in the contract that I wanted to do myself. Here is the final stage of the exterior with the iron in place for which we chose thicker than usual Thai style railings that look a little different to the norm and will hopefully last longer.

hi,very good workmanship,it looks great.thanks.

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Svenn, congratulations, your home look great, they did a good job on it.

I intend to build a single storey, small flat, 2 b/r, family room, two toilets, 100 sqm in Ban Lueam.

Could you please PM details of the builder who built your home.Cheers


Perth WA

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Heres a house we had built this year between March and August. It's our country home in the small village my wife grew up. It is really out in "Nakhon Nowhere," in northern Surin province. Still it has Internet via Ipstar. We live in Pattaya. It's an affordable house for most people who want some western amenities, we guess.

Dario,congratulations, your home looks great, plenty of stylish, modern concepts, good ilumination and layout.

I intend to build a small home, 100sqm, 2 b/r, family room, two bathrooms in Ban Lueam.

Could you please PM details about the builder who built your home. I will be moving to Thailand in March this year



perth WA

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I`ve seen this topic come up a lot lately and it always seems to generate a lot of interest so I thought I would share a few photos of my new house that has just been completed with a few details as it is always interesting to read others stories and gather knowledge.

In the bigger Cities like Bangkok, Pattaya etc I think it is easier to find a reliable quality contractor who can do the work for you and deliver a good home but when you are looking to build a new house in Isaan it is nerve wracking experience (well it was for me) as there are not as many choices up here as far as builders go and you have to tread carefully.

Myself and my wife bought a small plot of land about a year ago which suited us as the location was good near to her family about 45 mins from Nakhon Phanom. We went about the process of screening some contractors and looking at examples of houses that they had completed recently, most of them for falangs. We short listed a couple and then made our decision putting our designs forward to them to get their views. I did most of the design myself as I knew what I wanted such as open plan kitchen, hot water in all rooms, walk in shower and basically a better finish than some of the properties we have seen over the years here. We decided to make it a 2 Bedroom instead of 3 and make the rooms bigger as we don't have a large family. This turned out to be probably the best move of all as the rooms really are huge with plenty of space and lots of light.

It took them about 5 months to build the home but we are very happy with what they have done and it has gone beyond our expectations in terms of quality and finishing's (which were upgraded from original specs). There were a few minor teething problems along the way but I think that comes with any new build and were always rectified. Here are a few images picked at random of the house just before completion and the carpentry work. Any questions feel free to ask or send me a message.


Nice house indeed, looks like a very good quality compared to most of the houses I have seen so far.Good job, you can be proud of this result.

We need to find the builder for our house in Ubon next year. We also need the builder to understand how to properly raise the land level since our land is bordering at a creek which might now and then flood the land. If you could give us a hint about a contact, this would be absolutely great.

Thanks a lot and wish you all the best in your house.

Pranome, Netherlands.

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We want to build a house in Sawat, Loeng Nok Tha, Yasothon, Thailand.

Looking for recommendations for a quality homebuilder

I can recommend our building team.

And only 20km from Loeng Nok Tha in a place called Nikhom Kham Soi.

Almost complete now.Contact me if interested or come and have a look at our place.

BloodyBan, I LIKE that fence! Can you esimate the cost of that fence per meter. Combination of stainless and stone is very nice. smile.png

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excellent finishing.

What I don't understand is the handkerchief size of land many houses are built on.

During our building time we lived in a moo baan where you could see and hear all the noises and activities of 6 neighbors whistling.gif

Our house sits on 1 rai of land. I consider 1/4 of rai to be minimum to build house on.

1 rai in a village that has boom-box pickup trucks can be noisier than a mooban in the city with considerate neighbors. Been there done both. I'll take considerate neighbors.

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We build a small house near Sakon Nakhon, 1BR (20sqm2), Kitchen (20sqm2), Office (24 sqm), Bathroom (24 sm2) and a Living Room of 48sqm. My luck was that m FIL is a house builder and the price was below 900k. Some work not completed yet such as the veranda, garden and the wall. The office is only temporary as it actually is a sleeping room for our child in the future.

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