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I bought a liter of Rice Bran Oil to try the other day and find it a good light oil to use for stir frying.

At 120B it was competitively priced for a better quality oil and apparently has health benefits as it allegedly lowers cholesterol absorption.

The high smoke point also makes it cleaner to fry with.

I bought it in Top but have also seen it in Big C.


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Makro does offer a good price on rice bran oil. I hadn't heard of the cholesterol lowering benefits but that is good to hear. I need all the help I can get :o

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I hope this is not too offtopic but ...

Does anyone know where to buy peanut oil for cooking in Pattaya? It is hard to find, even in Bangkok (I had to go to Chinatown to find it).

I have tried supermarkets (T-L, BigC, C4, FoodLand, "Chinese" market on Pattaya Tai, etc.) - no joy. Only Villa had it, imported for 240 B/liter - outrageous! I got it in Bangkok for about 40 B/liter.

I have tried many small market shops, several open air markets & some distributors - no joy.

Any other ideas or suggestions?



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