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BANGKOK 23 May 2019 09:01
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Phuket Is Turning Into More Picturesque Place Without Overhead Cables

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Phuket is turning into more picturesque place without overhead cables

BANGKOK: -- There’s good news for those who like antique architectural styles, especially Sino-Portuguese buildings. Thailand’s resort island of Phuket is turning its ancient city in the provincial seat into a more picturesque place without overhead cables.

The overhead power and telephone cables throughout Phuket city will soon become a thing of the past.

Phuket City and Phuket’s Provincial Electricity Authority have jointly set up an underground cable system in the city, to move all electrical and telephone wires as well as TV cables underground.

A pilot scheme was first started on famous Thalang Road’s Soi Rommanee, where electrical wiring was laid along the buildings.

"We have discussed the project for 4 or 5 years. We finally talked to our residents and explained to them what we would get from putting all the cables underground. After most of them agreed, then we started the project," said Tavorn Jirapattanasopon, Phuket City Deputy Mayor.

The project follows one of Phuket City’s development plans for a more pleasant landscape of its heritage sites and also to promote tourism.

However, the project is still under the bidding process to find a suitable contractor.

"I only want a real professional to carry out this project, not just a contractor who get the job from their lowest bidding. That company must also have a full supply of materials and workers," said Don Limnantapisit, owner of Ancient Building on Thalang Road.

The first phase of this underground cable system project around Thalang Road is expected to be completed this September.

Phuket City is planning to extend the scheme to other ancient areas so tourists can appreciate old-time architecture without the annoyance of overhead cables.

-- TNA 2009-01-29

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item---4-- on VDO at http://thainews.prd.go.th/newsenglish/prev...php?news_id=869


from 23 December 2008 :

An MOU was signed to install underground electric cables in the heart of Phuket City.

The Phuket City municipality led by its mayor, Somjai Suwansupana and Phuket Provincial Electricity Authority led by its manager of special projects, Vechayan Tippayarat, yesterday signed an MOU – Memorandum of Understanding - for the installation of underground electric cables on Thalang road and the main entrance of Soi Romanee, in the middle of Thalang road. According to the agreement, main over-head electric and telephone cables will be reconstructed underground. The project not only aims at beautifying the landscape in the old town area, but will also help preserve the much valued Sino-Portuguese buildings. This reconstruction work will commence on the 16th February 2009 and will take approximately 6 months to complete. The total cost of the project is just under 11 million baht. Phuket Provincial Electricity Authority manager of special projects, Vechayan Tippayarat, told Andaman News more about the project, & future plans for other areas including Debuk, Krabi and Yaowarat Roads in Phuket city, plus Kata, Karon and Patong:

Andaman News NBT (VHF dial) + Radio Thailand FM90.5 at 8.30am & perhaps repeats on Phuket Cable TV channel 1 at 7pm & 1am, broadcast to Phang Nga, Krabi & Phuket provinces & maybe Mazz Radio FM108 at 7pm in Phuket, weekdays & http://thainews.prd.go.th/newsenglish/

& www.YouTube.com/AndamanNews.com

Send comments to AndamanNews@yahoo.com

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