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BANGKOK 25 May 2019 20:14
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Jai Dee

Phuket City Invites Tourists To Visit The Old Phuket Town

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Phuket City invites tourists to visit the Old Phuket Town

The Office of Phuket City invites residents and tourists to visit the Old Phuket Town while TAT brings performers from 7 Chinese provinces to join in as part as the Chinese New Year celebrations.

The Office of Phuket City is inviting residents and visitors to Phuket to join in various activities to experience local culture and lifestyles of Phuket. The office joins hands with the Tourism Authority of Thailand or TAT’s local office to organize the Phuket Chinese New Year celebrations combined with the annual Old Phuket Town Festival during January 31 – February 2.

The event will take place in a large area covering Thalang & Krabi roads and Soi Rommanee with a main stage to be located at Queen Sirikit Public Park. The Thalang & Krabi roads and Soi Rommanee will be closed off for traffic in the evening but organizers have arranged three car parks nearby.

Participants will enjoy cultural parades along the historical routes which will be turned back in time with local participants dressed in traditional styles and serving traditional food. Students’ performances plus music bands will be on. Among the highlights on the main stage on the opening evening are Chinese performances from 7 provinces. They include Chinese opera, classical local dances, and Kung <deleted>. On Monday Chinese God Worship rites will take place in front of the Great Ocean Dragon at the public park.

During the final meeting in preparation for the event, the Phuket City Mayor Somjai Suwansuppana stressed to her officials that they explain and seek cooperation of houses along the historical routes to get involved and be part of the festival to showcase the uniqueness of Phuket.

Source: National News Bureau of Thailand - 30 January 2009

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Could someone please explain which is Queen Sirikit Public Park? (where?)

Thanks in advance.

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VDOs Special - Highlights of 10th Old Phuket Town Festival combined with Chinese New Year Festival


If you are in Phuket tonight you can still experience the valued past, history and culture of old Phuket town where the majority are Chinese descendants, at a festival which started on Saturday and ends tonight. A few roads in the city’s heart are decorated to simulate the good old days. Our special report today recommends what you shouldn’t miss tonight:

“We’re now at the old Phuket Town Festival combining with the Chinese New Year Festival; Let’s go see the fun of it.” This is a proud moment for residents of Phuket, especially those who live along the old historical routes in the old Phuket Town areas and those of Chinese descent. Our prayers were answered for good luck, wealth and health at the start of this festival. It has been a decade now that the local government’s Office of Phuket City has been organizing the annual festival of Old Phuket Town to promote cultural value and conservation among residents, especially young people’s awareness for their unique asset which people tend to take for granted. Phuket City Mayor Somjai Suwansupana said that they are encouraging participation from local schools, businesses and local fishermen. She would like to promote local food & traditional lifestyle while she liked all the historical routes nicely decorated with lanterns. Participants enjoyed spectacular street processions, while tasting local food, drinks and desserts, performances and shows along Thalang road and learnt the value of Sino-Portuguese architectural styles; While families can enjoy a boat ride in the canal alongside the Queen Sirikit Public Park. Even along the side roads there were many old stylish and attractive cars which equally pretty people posed beside for their cameras. The festival covers quite a large area of Thalang, Krabi roads and Soi Rommanee with a main stage at Queen Sirikit Public Park. The roads are closed off for traffic from 3 pm to midnight while the Office of Phuket City arranges car parks for residents and participants. This year is special as the local government has joined hands with the Tourism Authority of Thailand or TAT to combine the festival with the celebrations of long established Chinese New Year traditions with Phuket & Thai relations. “It’s warming up right here now, make sure you guys get here tonight”. Performers from 7 Chinese provinces are on the main stage again tonight to celebrate the Thai-Chinese relations. They include acrobatic performance, mask dances, martial arts, magic show, opera and classical dances. While the Phuket-Yantai & Hainan Sister (or should we say Triplet) Cities ceremonies was conducted on Saturday. On Saturday, there were many foreign tourists and visitors walking around the so-called walking street viewing the various stalls. Some residents even brought along their colorful pets to liven up the scene.

We talked to a German and 2 Australian tourists, who were enjoying the unique combinations of the Thai – Chinese atmosphere. Also, this American teacher at Satree School. Plus a foreign resident Bruce Stanley, a well known 'culture-vulture'. And these happy Chinese tourists who seem to approve of the Chinese style here. Young and old can bridge the generation gap and enjoy the cultures together. “So, This is the fun and beauty of Old Phuket Town and Chinese New Year Festival. I hope you guys come here too. This is Zenniesha reporting from Old Phuket Town, Thalang Rd. Bye!”



Now we can show some nice excerpts of the wonderful Chinese artistic performers on stage, at the 10th Old Phuket Town Festival combined with Chinese New Year Festival, as we had several cameras there to get the best quality video; let’s enjoy them now: ……

Special Report for Andaman News NBT TV (VHF dial) + Radio Thailand FM90.5 at 8.30am & perhaps repeats on Phuket Cable TV channel 1 at 7pm & 1am, broadcast to Phang Nga, Krabi & Phuket provinces & maybe Mazz Radio FM108 at 7pm in Phuket, Monday 2 February 2009 & http://thainews.prd.go.th/newsenglish/ & www.YouTube.com/AndamanNews.com Send comments to AndamanNews@yahoo.com

Edited by NBT TV Phuket

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