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Police Bust Swinging Party, Arrest 13 Foreigners

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Quite sad, really. Is there a law against 'organizing a sex party'? Other than the porn and maybe the pills, I am not sure what law was broken.

they got busted for taking excessive viagra tabs - and not inviting the local police commander -- serves them right - and that is no way to treat nice Thai ladies - fancy exposing them to this sort of terrible behaviour - no wonder farangs have a bad name - :o)))

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History has proven that a private residence is the best place for such parties. Least likely to attract attention of the authorities or jealous crazy religious people with boring lives trying to cause problems for people who have interesting lives.

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As someone else noted, this particular party has been going on every Wednesday for a number of years and alternating Saturdays in Pattaya and Bangkok. Couples who come pay a nominal fee, but single men pay more. The money purportedly pays for the room(s), food, and drink.

This is a pretty far cry from a "sex tour." The attendees are generally Thais or ex-pats who live in Thailand. There are the occasional vacationers who go, but the party organizers do not arrange for their transportation, their hotels, or anything, nor do they have any input on the tourists trip, so I would find it hard believe that any "sex tour" charge would stick.

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Police bust swinging party, arrest 13 foreign men

BANGKOK: -- Police raided a swinging party in a Bangkok hotel late Wednesday night and arrested 13 foreign men, seven Thai women and three foreign women.

The raid took place at 0:15 am Thursday at the Elizabeth Hotel on Praditpat Road in Samsen district.

Police also arrested a couple - Christian Richards and his Thai wife, for allegedly organising the swinging sex tour.

When police raided the room No 1101 on the 11th floor of the hotel, police found several couples were having sex in the same room while others were drinking and dancing.

Police found used condoms, lubricant gel, porno books and CDs and 30 pills of Viagra.

-- The Nation 2009-02-05

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13 foreign men, seven Thai women and three foreign women.

Bl00dy h€ll, the men outnumbered the women by 30%? What on earth is the point?

I thought the same at first, then I thought a bit more, they could have got by with 7 women, or even 5 but that would have been stretching it.

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understandably, the hotel management were worried, i imagine the orgy was disturbing other guests (noises), probably stains all over the upholstery,

and it is a standard type of hotel, nothing special.

not sure how they thought they could get away with it.

as I said...this took place in the same hotel every two weeks for a couple of years already. Never been there myself but I do know someone who was a regular. According to him that was a non-profit event, plenty of food and drinks for the guests and doing the maths on it there must not have been much left over for the organizers.

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I'm guessing it was from this craigslist ad. I have been wondering how long it would last......

I have seen that posting for a while and sometimes it includes photos of some knarley old skinny falang in a hot tub with his face blotted out. I kinda wondered how long it would last before they got busted.

The bib always have a camera at the ready so I suspect it will not be long before photos appear somewhere.

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