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BANGKOK 19 May 2019 19:36
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Phuket Courtyards Out To Play

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By Shanya Phattrasaya

THE THREE Courtyards by Marriott got together last night to celebrate their openings with a thank-you splurge at the Patong ''branch''.

The Marriott Extravaganza involved fun-filled activities and performances for 300 guests, and a chance to explore the largest of the new Courtyards.

At one end of the Patong resort, the super-sized Hard Rock Cafe guitar on Rat-U-Thit-200 Pi looks ready to twang. Expect an opening sometime soon.

Treats for lucky guests last night included a Take Home Chef (a chef and server to go to a private home and cater for a dinner for eight) Bartender to Go (a barman and server to cater for a drinks party for eight) and a Marriott Signature Dance (a Thai contemporary dance group to perform a 15-minute dance routine for guests at your home.)

It was quite a gathering. Even the person who penned the best personalised namecard with sequins and colored ink won an Introduction to Diving course from Sea-Bees.

Patong, Kamala and Surin never seemed to get on this well before.

Judging from the general atmosphere, it will take more than an economic downturn to sink the long-term hopes for the bright future of tourism on Phuket.

View the Courtyard Party Photo Album

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