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BANGKOK 23 May 2019 17:44
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NBT TV Phuket

Deputy Interior Minister Checked On Pubs In Phuket

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item--3--- on VDO at http://thainews.prd.go.th/newsenglish/prev...php?news_id=962


The Deputy Interior Minister checked on pubs in Phuket and was pleased with their safety measures but still stressed that entertainment venues, especially in tourist destinations, must strictly follow safety laws.

Deputy Minister of Interior Mr. Thavorn Sennem on Friday made checks on two entertainment venues in Phuket. They were ‘Phukana pub’ and ‘Phuket Fantasia’, both located in the city area. The deputy minister inspected the pubs after he delivered policy to 14 southern governors and related officials including local government leaders about safety regulations for pubs and bars at Phuket Merlin hotel. This followed the deadly fire at Santika pub in Bangkok which caused 66 casualties. During the checks, the minister focused on emergency lights, fire alarm, fire exits, safety equipment, the stability of building structures and the licenses. Mr. Thavorn said he was pleased to see that both pubs followed the safety measures and said he believed that bar operators in tourist destinations including Phuket would strictly observe the regulations as tourism is their main source of income, and if any accidents happen, it means the decline of revenue for them. There are 345 entertainment businesses licensed in Phuket alone out of 974 in 14 southern provinces. During his meeting with the officials and governors, broadcast by NBT television to all southern region, the deputy minister told them to publicize and inform operators to make sure that they strictly observe the law. If some fail to follow, they are given 45 days to improve.

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