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BANGKOK 25 May 2019 09:03
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Phuket Governor Urges Brake On Development

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Posted yesterday on Phuketwan.com

THE GOVERNOR, Dr Preecha Ruangjan, said today that if it was within his power, he would slow down the speed of property development on Phuket.

He added that given the realities of the modern world, Phuket could not avoid development, but the island needed to pay greater attention to quality.

''If I was asked whether Phuket needs to develop or not, I would say the island needs to develop, but in the right way,'' the governor told a gathering of about 300 local people at Palai beach in Chalong today.

He said Phuket people had allowed investors from other parts of Thailand and overseas to start projects that did not necessarily protect the best long-term interests of Phuket.

''I try to tell Phuket people every chance I get, 'If you care about your island's future, you need to consider what you permit to happen to the island today.'''


''Everybody thinks about money now,'' he said.

Full story: Phuket Governor Urges Brake on Development

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