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Expat Developer Shot Dead In Patong

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item--1-- on VDO at http://thainews.prd.go.th/newsenglish/prev...hp?news_id=1001

The Patong Canadian’s murder suspects were arrested & presented to the press, with a reenactment staged.

Somchai Mingjaiyen, age 29 years old from Bangkok and Suwan Srimek, age 32 years old from Petchburi, were presented by police as murder suspects of Canadian businessman, Francis Degioanni, on February 19th. Police region 8 Commissioner Santan Chayanond, led the team to conduct the murder re-enactment in front of Panorama Condominium office in Patong on Friday night. The two men admitted to police that after committing the crime they fled the scene by motorcycle and hide in a hotel about 600-700 metres away. They stayed at the hotel until the next morning before leaving Patong. Police have detained six people who are allegedly involved in this case. They also include a Singaporean business woman who is in property business and allegedly hired the gunmen to kill the victim. Police said a business conflict led to murder. Three other people were also arrested for connecting and arranging the gunmen. Police are searching for another two people involved. They are Nukul Saeheng and Samran Srimek from Petchburi province.

Andaman News NBT TV (VHF dial) + usually Radio Thailand FM90.5 at 8.30am & perhaps repeats on Phuket Cable TV channel 1 at 7pm & 1am, broadcast to Phang Nga, Krabi & Phuket provinces & maybe Mazz Radio FM108 at 7pm in Phuket, Monday 8 March 2009 & http://thainews.prd.go.th/newsenglish/ & www.YouTube.com/AndamanNews

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doing business in this country is crazy...if you don't have people trying to scam

you constantly, the police will gladly relieve you of your money if the opportunity exists.

buyer beware x 1000

My golden rules for living in Thailand which I have followed successfully for the past 10years:

Don't start a business

Don't marry a Thai lady (or her family)

Don't drive anything (car or motorbike)

Keep a low profile

Don't appear to be rich

Don't act like a prat

That's pretty good but here some modifications:

1. Keep a low profile

2. Don't appear to be rich

3. Don't act like a prat; especially, don't make a Thai lose face in public

4. If you run a business here, the more money you are taking out of a Thai's pocket - even if it is legitimate competition - the higher the risk

And most importantly:

5. Never make yourself more valuable being dead than being alive

Thanks for those suggestions - I'll certainly assimulate them into my 'rules'.

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They were running a lot of stories about that Singaporean female's arrest in Singapore Night Chinese Newspapers.

According to the papers (If they are to be believed.) The Singapore female was a nurse, and has gone to Phuket to assist after the Tsunami.

She then pack and settle into Phuket, with her savings, to try to do business.

She has romantic liasion with the deceased and loan him money. However, he after refused to return the monies and treated her badly.

Thus, out of anger and desperation. She borrowed money from her friends, to hire killers to kill him off.


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Overgeneralizing can be a slippery slope argument,however I appreciate your information and enjoyed reading your post.In general some thai women are scammers in varying degrees..as are a certain percentage of all peoples in all countries..before my thai wife,I had several thai girlfriends of various degrees of "shadiness" from white ish to darker,for lack of better words.I know of an example of a guy In Canada whose wife just stays in Thailand after her Canadian citizenship was finalized in 2006.He sends her money and she meets other farang boyfriends in her area of Thailand.I would never tell this guy because he has his head in the "sand".He knows pretty well anyway.There are many good conservative thai woman too.Once some of the bar girls have been working in the bars for too long,they can get jaded by the whole lifestyle.. by the lowest common denominator of farang drunks and sex tourists,then they may develop a bit of a drinking problem.You can take the girl out of the bar...but perhaps you can't take the bar out of the girl.I am not denigrating bar girls at all,most are trying to help their families.I wanted to meet a Conservative,educated,jai dee,hard working,attractive(duh)thai lady and get to know her family well.Many of us farang believe our wives love us,but we are also aware that things can turn on a dime for any number of reasons.We are all somewhat deluded at times.This poor man's very unfortunate killing could have been avoided by him making different and possibly better life choices.We all make mistakes,and I just wish he had done things differently.Us farang can learn from this tragedy.In Thailand I like to be somewhat humble and show people that you care through actions,and it's likely you'll have few if any enemies.

I don't live at a tourist region. Have no experience with the bar-street life, except some occasions when I've met some old friends that happened to come here on holiday and then Pattaya. In 10 years here, maybe I've gone there 6-7 times, 2-3 days each. In fact... I see strange behavior against thai-only couples almost every day. They cheat on each other. Cheat on money. Waste all the family 'fortune' either on karaoke women (the male) or illegal card playing (mostly women). Upon that, there are sometimes a few 'happy' westerners that comes here occasionally. I'm sure there are good thai women as well. But the better education and family background, the less the reason to marry a 'farang'. I can't recall such high rate on cheating and unfaithfullness between couples from the country I come from. Young or old, doesn't matter. Almost all do it (man and women), if they get the chance. Maybe I sound cynical. But I ask myself daily. Where is the the pure love between couples? Not the forced attachment. Not the need for status and "I-give-you--you-give-me deals". In fact... In the land of plenty of sex, I see very little pure love. They are all breded on: "-Love is what you get when you take care of you family." Higher education or good manors simply just hide it better.

Like the situation when I met newly married guy from the same country as me. I wished him good luck and fortune. Then I asked him how long he have known his wife. -About 5 months he said. -Aha...? i said. -Are you sure you're not being a cheap ride for her only? -No, no... This lady is not a bar girl. She's been studying at the university! She's educated! In fact, we have been arranged through a relative of hers who is already living in my country and married with my friend. -Aha...? i said again. -So where are you going for honeymoon then? i asked. -Well I told her that I wanted to take and her two children (!!!hello!!!) on honeymoon to Singapore. -But she wasn't interested in that. -She just told me that it is better that we skip that and go to your country directly instead! -Awww....! I said inside my head. -Ok, I you wish best of good luck then! I said.

Man... This is really really silly. I bet that guy is more careful when buying a used car then he was on his newly acquired wife. Just because they are educated and not working in a bar, doesn't mean a thing. It's only a illusion equally built up by all of the involved. Have anyone here met a thai woman that loves to read poetry? I'm sure I'm not wrong by saying that big deal of these women (if you're a hetero male) don't know what real love is. They are only carrying the guilt that they must take care of mum and dad in order have the "love" of theirs. But what parent do actually love a child by placing that guilt around its neck? That is probably why they truly can't love their partner. It's always the family. You can make the "test" yourself. Go and ask your wife, girlfriend or whatever: -What is love? I'll bet she will answer: -Take care of family.

The "right" answer would probably be like: -Love is something you can't explain, define or let go. You just feel a strong desire to be with that person, no matter who he is, where he comes from or what he do.

Love is a verb, certainly explainable...sacrifice, devotion and all things unselfish...the problems start when it is not recipricoted, which actually in Thai Female/Farang Male scenarios is not always the problem, the problem is needs are compounded in such relationships (The Farang male needs the support of his Thai partner living in such a different culture, not to mention the fact shes the most beautiful woman (in a physcial sense hes ever got close too!) the Thai lady has a desperate need for the farangs higher calling to be financially secure (especiqally when the neds of her family are being considered which is nearly always!)....happiness and the pursuit of wealth are not always good bedfellows, and in the end tue motives surface and things can turn sour, even though they "loved" each other.

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Catch the bizarre and irresponsible editor responses to comments regarding a second hit at Phuketwan ( Large print )

( Psssst: Get rid of the Thai girlfriend working in the office, PhuketWan )

"....I agree with Anonymous and disagree with the editor's reply. If the police and news can mention that an expat in Kathu had a contract on his head, they must also warn this individual and let the public know this has been done."

Posted by Not living in Kathu! on Monday March 9, 2009 at 11:36

Editor [ responds] :" We are journalists, not police. The safety of individuals is the job of the police. In any event, our article has warned every expat wrong-doer in Kathu. By now, they are all behaving themselves, right?"

And this too,

"Is the name of this 'other expat' known and if yes has he been notified? Kathu is a very large area with many expat residents that now might be worried about their latest affair or otherwise.... "

"Editor [responds]: With the hitman apprehended and the police hot on the trail of the contractor, Kathu expats now only have to worry about their next affair or otherwise."


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And this just in too, Unbelievable!!


Comment : I cannot believe you are using the slang, rude and arguably racist term," farang," in a report.

It denotes persons of caucasian ancestry only and thus is not suitable for news reports.

And your response to " Not Living in Kathu," is reprehensible in its assumptions of guilt. . . and vigilante justice.

Phuketwan Editor[ responds]: The term 'farang' is widely used politely, without any sense that it is derogatory. We tend to use 'expat' more regularly. The word ''foreigner'' is usually more of a problem because the clear implication is that the person does not belong, although not everyone who used it is being racist. [ So farang is not racist but foreigner is ?] We try to avoid that word. [ foreigner.]

As the shooter was arrested and police were pursuing the issue, I fail to see why anyone would be concerned about life in Kathu . . . except those with guilty consciences. Sum num nah.

Unbelievable !!!

Edited by CFIT
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What the hel_l ?!?! Som non nah in a murdered expat page !!

I am sure the editor reads these threads and so I hope he understand the seriousness of letting a juvenile and immature Thai respond as 'editor' in that way. I hope that the poster as well as the comments, has gone from the website ??

Clarity please ed ??

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Yes, this is totally unbelievable.

For once though I agree with something on Phuketwan: I have no problems at all with the word farang, if normally used IMO not racist. But this is OT.

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Unfortunately it is true that wherever a farang attempts to make business enterprise, he will be assailedd by jealous, unfriendly and malevolent wishing people who think they can abuse the fact that the Farang is limited by stringent immigration laws which wil never permit him or her to be able to defend himself to the full extent of the law which a Thai can enjoy the use of. This does not mean to say that all Thais are bad, not at all. It only needs one or two ill wishing parties in each place of residence to spoil the show for everyone. Normally one will find that one has enemies in the local competition, and also with the immigration Police when attempting renewal of work permits and visas, company papers etc. It's all about money and how much they can get from you. This is one reason i decided to be poor and not do any business. I said "ok, you all want and need this BS so much, take it all" "I dont need it all i need is a place to sleep good food in stomach and thats it" so if i have nothing, then they can't take anything from me :o

i have nothing left to be peeled of haha, so now i live quite a peaceful life as once they all know you are poorer than them they stop bothering you. Thai people are beautiful people when you can get the wall between us away (the fact they think you have lots of money falling out your ears). Unfortunately the only time you will get a real decent honest relationship between yourself and the locals is when you really have nothing they might wish was theirs instead of yours.

The though, is when you find the real Thai people who don't wish to take advantage. Theres an old saying that you never know who your friends are till you have nothing!

well there you go.

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There seems to be an awful lot of speculation in this thread.

i appears that the absence of facts has no bearing on what you post. And its not just this thread. Why is there no requirement to name sources???????

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She was one of those helpful angels I knew for many years... She had helped others and especially during Tsunami times without asking anything in return...

An Angel whom always hide her problems behind her weary smile

, having to worry about financial problems months after months.

One must be desperate to come up with a decision like this... None of these would happen , if HE had the courtesy to PAY BACK and NOT PRETENDING that he DIDN'T !! Such MEN is a DISGRACE !

Don't mention about leaving behind his family and all.. I believed even if he was ALIVE, it does not makes any difference. Cause he won't even bother or be mercy to her.

Nobody care for her? She has other commitments, kids and families too! Having to be able to pay debts of 4k SGD monthly in Thailand is not easy at all!

It does not PAY TO BE KIND!!

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Link to Photo:


Singaporean, Diana Goh Li Fun, is now serving a life sentence in a Thai prison for ordering the murder of a Canadian

Singaporean serving life for ordering Phuket murder

PHUKET - A Singaporean woman is now serving a life sentence in a Thai prison for ordering the murder of a Canadian former model on the island of Phuket, the local media reported.

Diana Goh Li Fun, 35, who was in real estate, had a money dispute with Mr Francis Alex Degioanni. She hired four men to help in killing him outside his home three years ago.

The murder sent shock waves through Phuket's expatriate community.



Straits Times - March 20, 2012


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The former co-worker of a murdered Canadian property developer has been sentenced to life in prison along with the four hit men she hired, according to a Thai media report.

Montreal native Francis Alex Degioanni was murdered outside his home in Patong, Thailand, on his 34th birthday in February 2009. He had been living in Thailand for five years, selling condominiums to tourists.

Local media reported at the time that Degioanni had been shot multiple times by .38-calibre bullets, seven of which entered his body. He had four in his arms, one in his head, one in his neck and one in his chest. Singaporean Diana Goh Li Fun organized the professional "hit" on her former colleague

Read more:


Vancouver Sun - March 20, 2012


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Singaporean woman sentenced to life in Thai prison for murdering ex-model

A Singaporean woman has been sentenced to life in prison for organising a professional hit on a former Canadian model.

Diana Goh Li Fun, together with the gunman and her friends who helped her find the hitman, is now serving her time in Nakhon Si Thammarat as Phuket Provincial Prison only holds inmates serving 15 years or less, reported Phuketwan.com.

In 2009, the Singaporean told the police that her business partner, Francis Alex Degioanni, 34, had borrowed a lot of money from her, then pretended to owe her nothing.



AsiaOne News


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