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Expat Developer Shot Dead In Patong

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I know this has been said many times before.thailand is a place for a holiday,for retirement,or working for a farang based company only.

the minute you get invoved in property dealings/thai owned company you run the risks associated with it.many farang business people are just plain crooks and scammers too.

remember too there is very little justice for westerners here,most everything is settled with tea money or in this posters case the gun.

If you want to be safe in thailand and not lose money keep your head down and your hand in your pocket.

I agree 100 % with your advice.

We have no chance to open a big business here or to open out mouth too big. I build a house uphill Hua Hin and the construction was very lousy. The woman that took the contract cheated me a lot and I have now a lot of problems. But I was warned already not to bring this case to the court, because it would not be good for my health.

So I keep my head down and my hands for the future in my pocket.

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Something fishy..

34 yrs old.. Been selling property there for 5 yrs... Had developed a 7 story condo.. Had lost 20 million Baht....

Was he a lottery winner, Internet millionaire, Trust fund kid or was his Thai wife rich ?

Seems a awful lot of money made in a very short period of time

Its not alot of money on the grand scale of things....you don't think people get in the property market to make a few thousand baht a year do you?

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And Thailand's answer to its declining image and lawlessness is to have the Ministry of Tourism promote a national drink.

Yeah, because that'll solve everything. Wipe out foreigners after they've spent 'X' amount of baht in this country already and then replace them with 5 star hotel dwellers to make up for lost funds. :o

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my guess is it has to do with the 20 mil baht. "businessmen" in this country just shoot you, start a fire, or blow something up if they don't get the deal they want. 20 mil baht is enough of a reason to kill a farang in this country.

That much? Mostly much less :o

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My condolences to the guy’s family, and killed on his birthday, there is some real evil going on here.

More bad PR for Thailand and more negative international news coverage, welcome to Thailand, another black eye for LOS…

Wonder how close the real estate fraud case was to being concluded?

Wonder what the disposition of the case will be now?

Will the wife benefit if it is settle in the victim’s favor?

Wonder who the other party in the case is Thai or farang?

Wonder who the prime suspect is, humm?

Hope the people responsible are brought to justice soon :o .


"JUSTICE" your having a laugh mate .There is NO JUSTICE farang's in thailand , good contributions to society and economical growth the we give does not matter to the Thai's mate.I wount trust them as far as I can SHITTTTTTTTTTTT.

Take care GUYS.

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Seven .38 caliber slugs huh? Hmm, that means there were two shooters. I do not think they would take the trouble to reload for one more shot.

And do you know who uses .38 revolvers? They tend wear tight brown clothing.

Who knows.


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There are too many people talking out of their ass in this thread.

A lot - too much - speculation.

Killed on his birthday - sounds like something personal.

I too noticed: "married to a Thai national" and "waiting on his girlfriend"...

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It's amazing the jealousy of some of the paupers who post....the guy was shot running and probably minding his own business! His greed was most likely is that he would not lie down and and let greedy people of "whatever" nationality greedily rob him of 20 m THB...Since when was running a business "greedy"?

Ere ere, couldn't have put it better myself. Many people don't realise how hard it is to run a successful business, they think profitability is rude, wrong, illegal and greedy amongst others, WRONG! Profitability is the life blood of any business (ask the insolvency practitioners).

I hope the perpetrators are swiftly and securely brought to justice and then dealt with severely as they deserve to be, maybe just maybe many people (me included) who are planning to retire in Thailand might stop having second thoughts, although I doubt that.

Greedy my arse!

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It never ceases to amaze me how these internet farang forums resort to being platforms for whinging about everything that is bad about Thailand. I agree that many posters on this thread that speculating way too much about the shooter until the facts are in. But hey, what the hel_l, let's slam the Thai people. If life here is so onerous then no-one is pointing a gun at your head forcing you to stay here. As a foreigner if you want respect from Thais then behave in a way that is worthy of respect.

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This is not new, happens to many more than you know about.

Big story when a rich farang gets wacked!

Cops? Solve this fast?

PS: He bought the gun from the cops, 50k ++ no permit but was registered to his Thai wife.

Anyway, ...

RIP my friend

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