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Expat Developer Shot Dead In Patong

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There seems to be an awful lot of speculation in this thread.

Cherchez la femme.

More speculation: This is the only possible scenario. Wifey discovers that real estate tycoon hubby has somehow found a mistress. Wifey has warned and threatened mistress to butt out to no avail. Mistress is tough with eye on one thing and will not be intimidated. Hubby finally caves to wifey's pressure and calls off affair with mistress. Jilted mistress calls out "hit" on hubby, ironically at the same time wifey calls out her own "hit", not believing hubby will ever end affair. The two hitmen know each other and decide to, rather than compete over the same target, collaborate. Both are neophytes with Brazil-made snubnose .38 (five shot) revolvers purchased in Chinatown. Hubby gets the phoney call to business (emergency) meeting to get him out of the house. Two hitmen on motorbike drive by and fire 10 shots at close range, missing with three. Investigation turns up little with no witnesses coming forward. Wifey eventually reaps the spoils of hubby's mini empire. But when mistress puts out another hit, this time unsuccessful, on wifey, they are both caught by police in the plot and are convicted and sent up for a year or two. End of story.

I do feel for the guy, but this thread was driving me bonkers. Unfortunately, hitmen are cheap. Life here is valued no more or no less than anywhere else in the world. But poverty cheapens all our lives.

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doing business in this country is crazy...if you don't have people trying to scam

you constantly, the police will gladly relieve you of your money if the opportunity exists.

buyer beware x 1000

My golden rules for living in Thailand which I have followed successfully for the past 10years:

Don't start a business

Don't marry a Thai lady (or her family)

Don't drive anything (car or motorbike)

Keep a low profile

Don't appear to be rich

Don't act like a prat

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Never ever do business in Thailand and never buy a property here. If you marry a Thai lady make sure you take her back to your country. Just live for a while and go back home. Unless you are ready to defend yourself from your enemies with offence first and split.....just like the insurgents in the south.....its tougher for your enemies to wipe you out because they will be dead first.

Remember, Thailand is one of the most dangerous country in the world as it can powerfully tempt foreigners to stay. Its a place that traps life and money with many attractions and pleasures for a man. Then if he is not careful, will be wiped off the face of this world one fine day, his life wasted by many unknowns. And its always a sad ending to die by the bullet for nothing.

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Sorry for the guy, and family. Phuket is a wild, and more but we all farang we are for something in this chaos. Pkt change a lot for the last 20 years.

And the money to. Doing business in this country .. crazy oh yes! Thats the rules that we don't know.

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Canadian gunned down on his birthday

PATONG, PHUKET: -- A Canadian real estate developer died on his birthday yesterday after he was riddled with bullets by two men on a motorcycle.

At the time of the attack, Francis Alex Degioanni was sitting in his black Toyota outside his seven-story Panorama Condominium block, located in a hillside area off Nanai Rd in South Patong.

Kathu Police officers were alerted to the incident at around 8.30 pm. They hurried to the scene along with doctors from Patong Hospital and rescue workers from the Kusoldharm Foundation.

Medical examination showed Mr Degioanni had seven .38 caliber bullet wounds in his body, four in his arms, one in the head, one in the neck and one in the chest.

Mr Degioanni’s girlfriend, Nanthawadee Phenjaroenwatthana, said that before the incident the two of them were in the condo building waiting to go out to celebrate his birthday.

Mr Degioanni received a telephone call and told her he had to go out for a short while to take care of some business, she said.

When Mr Degioanni got into his car, two men pulled up on a motorbike and opened fire. They then fled, Ms Nanthawadee said.

Kathu Police Superintendent Grissak Songmoonark said that Mr Degioanni had been doing business in Phuket for five years, selling condominiums in Patong to foreign tourists.

The attack may have been the result of a business dispute, but police were also investigating other motives including romantic jealously, he said.

At the time of his death, Mr Degioanni was involved in a court case, having allegedly being cheated out of 20 million baht in a real estate scam, Col Grissak added.

When contacted by the Gazette today, an official at the Canadian Embassy cited legal reasons in declining to give any information about the case.

-- Phuket Gazette 2009-02-20

there you go casae solved, or at least that is what the police will say

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Do any local expats know where the Panorama Condominium is located?

The Panorama Condo is currently under construction - 2 smallish buildings at the southern end of Nanai road, at soi 9, just in front of the Sun Hill hotel. BUT - we were just talking with a taxi driver friend that hangs out in that exact location, and he told us that the shooting didn't happen there - it was outside his home. Didn't catch the name of the soi, but it's not in the same immediate vicinity.

Drove past the Panorama Condo site last night at 6:15pm, and again at 8pm, and there was no sign of police activity, which would indicate that the shooting didn't occur there.

I live on Soi 9 and there was certainly no police activity there yesterday evening so I suspect you are correct.

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It never ceases to amaze me how these internet farang forums resort to being platforms for whinging about everything that is bad about Thailand. I agree that many posters on this thread that speculating way too much about the shooter until the facts are in. But hey, what the hel_l, let's slam the Thai people. If life here is so onerous then no-one is pointing a gun at your head forcing you to stay here. As a foreigner if you want respect from Thais then behave in a way that is worthy of respect.

First of all my sincere condolences to the gentleman's family, a terrible way to go and weighs very heavily on your mind to have a loved one taken so violently...so awful.

Comments such as the above about respect. Shame on you...speculation? Take your own advice perhaps.

My brother Dale Henry was murdered Feb/08 in Ranong. He respected Thai culture, the people, and was always nice to everyone. He did not make any waves in the foriegn country he loved. His life was not respected by the Thai people he thought cared for him, his money was!

From past experience...be kind on a thread like this. Family will be here at some point. It really hurts to see unkind things said.

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This will probably make some Canadians reading here laugh, and feel angry at the same time. Or maybe just get angry, but I hope not.

I live near in a busy city about an hour south of the Canadian border. I have Canadian relatives. I like Wayne Gretsky. Let's get that out of the way.

Ever since I can remember, there have always been spirited Canadians who come down and setup grand projects, business ventures, often dealing with property. I think there is an inherent desire among some to get out of Canada and "make it big". Some of them are successful. There is always, how to put it nicely.... Whenever there is a Canadian out setting up a deal around here, whatever it is, there is always an air of dodgy, semi-illegal, scam undercurrent. I don't know why. But I have never really heard of a completely legitimate Canadian investor, they have always got something up their sleeve. This is not to accuse all Canadians, just those few who venture out into the international scene with a business of some sort.

So reading this story, obviously he did not deserve to get killed but he likely sought out the intrigue and environment that led to his death.

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... remember too there is very little justice for westerners here,most everything is settled with tea money or in this posters case the gun.

Unfortunately so true,

It appears, a viable business option of simply eliminating the problem is always on the table,

TIT, :o

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I am sorry to hear the story of your brother. And I am pissed about some of the posters here, too. Ever seen the movie "The Beach"? Ever spent a thought that "Frank Cyberr" (to give him a face...) might even have been a member of this forum? Sorry, but he was one of us. You should make a rally in front of the police station to find his killer, not gossip about him and his girlfriend in a forum.

Whatever. I did not know him (just some of his music that I could find on the net), but my girlfriend did (business). She is Thai and she is shocked about what happened. She told me that Frank was "good", "funny", "handsome", and "always tried to speak Thai", even if she did not get what he was talking about. And "he even did not want a receipt after he paid me for my material last week, how possible?!"

Today she wanted to go to the market to buy flowers - in order to put them in front of his house. In the end, she did not do it, because she is scared also.

It is not about Thai people or foreigners. It is about idiots, who give a shit on other peoples lives. It is about power.

I am sorry for Francis, sorry for his family, sorry for his girlfriend and sorry for all the honest Thais who actually like foreigners but are blamed now.

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There are too many people talking out of their ass in this thread.

A lot - too much - speculation.

Killed on his birthday - sounds like something personal.

I too noticed: "married to a Thai national" and "waiting on his girlfriend"...

Do I need to point something out in this post?

Is that a joke?

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