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September 7th, 2003 meeting report

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Well, we *sort* of did it today, changing the name to "Expats' Association of Thailand."  My suggestion of "Expat-Thai Association of Thailand" was rejected, but that's okay for a membership-driven group.  Hope this helps clarify matters.

Had an excellent presentation by Christopher G. Moore.

Voted to set annual membership dues at 500 baht, and actually COLLECTED a few!  ;-)

Most importantly, elected a Thai national as President, Khun Aom Srisuk.  Also got 3 volunteers with a 4th possible for the required board, leaving 5 or 6 to go before we can move ahead with registering as a non-profit organization.  For the time being at least, I'm going to function as a sort of "senior vice-president" (or whatever one wants to call it) assisting Khun Aom with learning the ropes.  I've known Aom for 7 years, and we are extremely close friends -- a friendship I invoked to prevail upon her to agree to accept the post!  ;-)

Had an offer Sunday morning via e-mail from a Bangkok-based Western attorney to make a presentation to us.

Next social meeting:  Tuesday, September 9, 5-8 P.M. at The Office Bar & Grill.

Next speaker and business meeting: Sunday, September 14, 2003 3-5 P.M. at The Bourbon Street Restaurant.  Dean Barrett, locally-based American writer, will be the featured speaker.

Drop on around, if any of  you like.


Mekhong Kurt, VP (or some such)

Expats' Association of Thailand (don't you just have to love the acronym?)

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