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Work Permit At 65+ In Goverment School

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I have worked as a teacher for 6 years in government schools up until March last year. I returned to Australia to apply for an old age pension. I was refused at the time as I was not classed as an Australian resident because of my absence from Australia. I returned in December last year and am receiving the pension whilst in Australia. The problem is that I have a wife and son in Thailand and if I want to keep receiving the pension I must stay here for 2 years continuously without leaving. I have decided to return next month and have being applying for another teaching job for a year to make it possible for me to save the money to bring them back with me for the mandatory two years. Because of my age I have received a limited amount of interest on applications I have made. I was told by the government school where I taught for 5 years that the Dept. of Labour won't issue a work permit if you are 65 or over. Can anyone inform me if this is true. If so I will attempt to do private teaching as an alternative.

Much appreciate advice,


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Several years ago, I met a 71 yr. old foreign woman who was teaching at a Thai univ. I didn't specifically ask, but, I presume that she had a Work Permit. And, she had not been here very long, so would have been well over 65 when she got it. In her case, she was highly qualified, with a Master's Degree in her field.

I also used to work with a 65 yr. old foreigner, again a highly qualified individual. He definitely had a Work Permit.

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I have seen this question before. Government workers retire at age 60, so it will indeed be difficult to find a job for you at 65. But as far as I know there is no age limit for getting a WP. If you post in the section about your region, you might find people of your age and have a WP.

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I am 62 and my school simply has to write a letter along with the WP Application each year stating that I am in good health, fit and qualified to do the job. AFAIK there is no problem getting the permit if the school or company wants to hire you.

Anyone who tells you differently, using age and WP denial as a reason for not hiring you, is not being truthful IMO.

That said, remember there is age discrimination out there and in Thailand no laws against it AFAIK. Many managers do not like people older than themselves working for them. Such a manager is probably doing you a favor not hiring you as they likely have other irrational biases you would have to live with.

Keep looking.

Many many schools need teachers.

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If there is a limit, is more likely at age 60 than at age 65. More likely, it is imaginary. I was refused a job last year at 65 on the 'fact' that they could not get me a WP, but I have no idea. The worst imagination is your employers, who see their Thai companions barely crawl into the classroom in their 50's.

I really pity the opening poster.

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