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10 Day Retreat Near Trat

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Does anyone know of any centres near to Trat that offer the 10 day retreat?

I am new to buddhism and have been wanting to attend a course now for a few years...

From what i have read the centre in Surat thani is a goos one, Wat Suan Mokkh.

Do you think it is a good idea for a begginer to attend this centre? or do you know of an equally suitable one near the South north East near the cambodian border.

Many thanks

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The closest regular retreat centre I know of is Wongsanit Ashram.

Wongsanit Ashram

PO Box 1, Ongkharak

Nakhorn Nayok 26120, Siam (Thailand)

Tel: (66-37) 333-183, Fax (66-37) 333-184

E-mail: PM sabaijai for email

Contact Person: Mr.Pracha Hutanuwatra and Mr.Somboon Jungprempree

map: http://www.sulak-sivaraksa.org/en/docs/AshramMap2551.pdf

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