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A/c Company In Khonkaen Or Udon

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Last year our house was finished in Issarn halfway between KK and Udon, At the time we did not put in any air-con units but I am now looking to do so.

Can anyone recommend someone in eithr Udon or Khonkaen as weare only an hours drive from the 2. I know bigC are selling units from 16,900 THB but assume this doesn't include install costs and would ideally like to get a whole installation package if possible.

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I would be looking for a 2 man operation, not the Mall / Supermarket guys with large overheads.

My local guys saved me a fair amount by using refurbished units in the largest room of 400 m2

and when I quoted Thai internet prices they did me a good deal on a new Daikin for my "office".

Ask the locals, Thais, who they use , don't be afraid to buy brands like Midea or Fujibishi,

Their warranty & quality is now as good as the household names.

cheers :o


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In Thailand one should NEVER "assume". I suggest you do some research on what size and brand unit you should consider for you place. It would not hurt to get a WRITTEN price from Big C or MAKRO or TESCO that INCLUDE installation, since a/c units have specific model numbers on both the in room unit and the condenser unit. But in my experience getting WRITTEN price quotes which INCLUDED installation from INDEPENDENT appliance shops (not Mall operations, not HomePro or Home Works) I got much lower prices from MOST, not all shops. The "after the sale" service and having the personal cell phone number of the OWNER of the INDEPENDENT shop made a difference in our selection. The "name brands" all have various "lines" or "levels" of the same size units. The ELECTRICAL consumption rates sure could vary depending on the "line" selected and the SOUND DECIBEL number sure can vary between brands and "lines" in each brand line up. Depending on how many units you need to have installed it was worth while to me to go back to a shop and request they beat the lowest price from a different shop on the EXACT SAME UNITS. But either way the Independent shops can come to your home and make suggestions on what models for what rooms, since the distance of the water drain can make a difference in where you place the units, and of course what SIZE room you want the unit installed. The Panasonic and Daikin Inverter units are the most quiet in our home. A year later I see even more brands offer Inverter units in Thailand in a wider selection of sizes than last April when we purchased air conditioning. The brochures and web sites of the various manufacturers list easy to compare statistics on each unit. You might also consider what price/comp your possible a/c shop has regarding twice a year professional cleaning of your a/c units.




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Thanks for the replies Gunga & Bob, I will be returning to los on sunday so will go to kK on Tuesday and have a shop around. We have the plans for our house so can work out the room area from the plans to tell us what size of units we will require. i was just wondering if anyone had an actual company that they could reccomend as thats usually the best for of advertisement.

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Hi Mick,

I already asked my installers abt working in BKK but they don't like crossing The Big Creek.

Preferring to stay local.

A shame really as there is a lot of work for good installers if they are willing to travel.

If I had bought the A/Cs myself the installation fee would have been 2500bt per unit.

I don't know how that compares to other member's experience.

Good luck, & keep us posted. :o

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Go to the nearest amphur and find a a/c shop there, they will install for free.

You will have better service than NO service at all from the Big C/Tesco Lotus alikes.

Don't forget to have it/them cleaned every year. My local shop gave a free service/inspection after 1 year.

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