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"mexican" Spicy Chicken Wingz At Kfc

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Its a long story but I ended up at KFC tonight for the first time in decades (I generally avoid fast food chains). Anyway, they have a special item on the menu, "Mexican" spicy wingz (really drumettes). I quite enjoyed them. Very zingy indeed. They didn't really taste very Mexican but who cares, they were tasty.

As far as I can tell, these are for the Thai market only ... and only a limited time.

According to KFC Thailand:

deep fried wing, coated with smoke-dried Mexican hot pepper and flavorful spices. This supreme intense savory menu also comes with a special designed- mini-bucket in a stunning red of Mexican hot peppers pattern, when buying for 12 pcs.

Experience the new hot sensation of KFC Mexican Spicy WingZ at KFC outlets and KFC Home Delivery 1150 from today until April 2, 2009.


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Just had the spicy wingz which were actually drumettes. Not much meat really, mostly skin fat and really hot SPICE. A guilty pleasure but I liked it. I will probably have one more time before they are off the menu.

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Not sure if it is just my guts, but although I like a KFC every now and again (mostly again), it never fails that after about 6 hours of chewin the chicken, I make like a duck and head for the toilet.

Anyone else get the hot and spicey runs for the border of the porcelin?

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I had the Mexican Spicy Wings the other day, along with a large mashed potato. I normally only order the potatoes at KFC, as they go nice with nam tok mu or Thai bbq chicken, but I thought these were great. They're not Mexican, and they're not wings, but they're pretty tasty. Gonna get them again before it ends.

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