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Agricultural Permaculture / Forest Gardening

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This may be off topic, in which case I hope the moderator will move it and/or tell me where it should go. I'm looking for a good location to buy some land to practice organic farming based on permaculture and relaxed biodynamics.

I've been living in thailand and gardening according to permaculture principles (Mollison) since 1989. The 50 rai in Plok went to the ex-wife and I'm looking now for a new site to buy a few rai for my new Thai family. I think neighbors make a huge difference. It is hard to go organic when you are surrounded by big farms using a lot of chemicals.

I know people are doing good work in Chiang Mai, but my lungs can't handle the air quality up north. I'm ready to move anywhere in Thailand with good air and water quality with good neighbors where I can get a few rai at a reasonable price that isn't too remove from an airport and colleges where I might teach a bit of English when I get bored (<= 1 million baht per rai). Any suggestions?

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