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Advice always helps, heopefully.

Problem is I think I made the compost heaps to big......Doh....to hard to turnover. Also the chicken crap is mixed with rice husks, so need to actually shuvel it all over and thats hard work, pitchfork no good.

Anyway, we pulled the rice growth out and shall use the rest in future as hot compost prior to placing on the surface, now we have time we can do this, before we had nothing and needed to put a mulch down quickly so could not wait the month or so for the compost to heat up and do its job.


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hello. I have tried rice straw mulch but my veggies die in it ? Its really frustrating me. Any ideas ? The straw is laid on top of a raised bed made from compost and veggies will grow ok in that compost ...... only problem is that the compost dries too quickly.

Help please !

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