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Google Map For Chiang Rai

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Toybits, I do not know who has hijacked your locations.

But when I checked the map now I found that it has grown to be too big! The locations

has expanded so the last inserted ones were on page 2.

But all of them, one for Bens Guesthouse, one for Rimkok Resort and one for Mae Chan Shell station were already in the map.

When going over to page 2 you can only see the locations that are on page 2.

So now the map is closed so only myself can edit the map.

I have deleted some locations that I added when someone was looking for Condo-places.

So we can add a few more locations without going over to page 2.

If you have one, PM me about it and I will add the location.

Thank you!


Hi Sven, there was a similar problem with jerk offs going to Bikes in Thailand map and moving place locaters around. Some low lifes have got too much time on their hands and can't leave well enough alone. Sad bastards.

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Is this map still up to date?

Hi Krobert,

I think most of the places are still there but no new updates last months, maybe longer.

Too many places already so the map is too crowded.

I split it up in two for a special one for restaurants and you find the link here: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=206684512096090299188.0004a87bcb21dd86576cd&msa=0&ll=19.905417,99.834083&spn=0.001559,0.00327

That one is also not up to date so if you have something to add to the maps, please send me info about it.


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Thanks for letting me know - i tried last year but to no avail- i think it was made a round april as i can see kids with buckets of water waiting at the side of the road !

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P.S. I'm headed to Utah for 3 weeks in March '13 - for first time. I want to experience those beautiful desert parks and canyons. I'd like to see my home town, Chiang Rai, with more parks. It's got the terrain, including lion hill nearby, but the city fathers don't appreciate Chiang Rai's potential for outdoor unfettered natural attactions. They're too busy scraping hillsides of greenery and cramming in as many cookie cutter dwellings as possible. Such a shame. Sometimes it seems like half the traffic on outlying roads is large speeding sand and gravel trucks, with dust and noise shoved in to everyone's faces.

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