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BANGKOK 16 February 2019 14:55
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Kanchanaburi In General

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I am visiting Kanchanaburi for a few days in February. It is our first visit. We have booked into The Felix.

I can't really get any mental picture of the place. I understand the hotel is near 'The Bridge'. is it also near town? Close enough to go for a walk into town in the evening, or will we need transport?

Any comments would be welcome


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It is a walkable town but its quite a slog in hot or wet weather.

Most of the Guesthouses are along the river between the town and the bridge which is about 2KM out of town.

Hiring a bike can be a good way of getting around.

Tuk Tuks there tend to be reasonable these days (figure on 20 - 40B around town especially if you speak Thai, but don't let them take you everywhere)

Songthaews ply the main Saengchuto Road for 5B (If memory serves me right)

The Felix is a little isolated on the other side of the river from most of the other hotels but I would be surprised if there aren't a few tuk tuk boys hanging around.

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View from Felix Hotel on the River Kwae Yai :o


The Bridge is on the right hand side.

Enjoy. :D

Happy Days, :D

Kan Win :D

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