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Simon Burrowes Free After Paying 500 Baht Fine

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After this and the Australian woman’s case I have got to say I get great satisfaction on hearing these people getting locked up, now I know this will upset some people but it is my view.

These cases were not about a "Passport" or a "Bar mat" but about "Manners"

In the UK for example I was the daily target of "verbal attacks" from people who did not get their own way, this included, screaming, shouting, profane language and physical threats, time after time I called the police but nothing could or would be done (Sound familiar to anyone?) these people now come to Phuket and think they can import their own kind of foul behavior WRONG!

My advice to any of these people is to keep a civil tongue in their head and do not abuse their follow human beings, cross this line and you will get locked up.

I for one hope that common courtesy in Phuket does not get eroded like it has in other parts of the world.

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