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BANGKOK 25 June 2019 09:13
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Best Beach Resort In Sichon

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Olsen, Looking forward to any info related to this quote. I was looking at the area for a 3/4 day hol and quite sold on Prasarnsook Resort....until I saw this post!

btw, We (wife and I) need a/c. Beach, Bungalow type...and one complication...a really well behaved house dog.

Today I went to check Prasarnsook Resort but they only had small and smelly rooms for 550b, the other option was to pay 2000b/night. Where do I find something decent in Sichon area for ~1000b/night for a week or two?

I need:

- Clean room

- Internet for working

I don't need:

- Hot water

- Air condition

Sorry I did not post recently.

I agree some of the smaller rooms in the rear is very simple and sometimes they smell. They´re used for backpackers and Thai tourists on a low budget.

At this price range I would rather recommend the neighbor just next to Prasarnsook, the name is Krua Poi Beach Resort. They have also cheap rooms with aircon from 500 THB/night.

If Wuffe was quoted 2,000 THB per night for the bigger bungalows near the beach, then it was probably just because he did not try to negotiate the price.

They always asks for a higher price than they expect the guest to pay. Quite normale in Sichon to negotiate the prices.

We usually pay 1,000 THB/night....but when there is many guests we sometimes have to pay 1,200 to 1,500 THB/night....but quite nice rooms and good food at the restaurant.

I went back today to ask for 1-2 month prices and this time the rate per night was 1,400 for room up the hill and 1,800 near the beach. I asked for an offer for the 1,800b room and best they could do was 36,000/month. I asked at Khao Ply Dam aswell but they said the don't do discounts for long stays so it's the price per night (700b-1,800b) no matter how long you stay. Surely you can negotiate the prices down a bit but for that money I'd rather rent a pool villa than a standard room in a resort.

The beach at Khao Ply Dam is very nice, clean and quiet. Hin Ngam beach where Prasansook is, is quite dirty right now after the floods an all. They are slowly cleaning it but what bothers me the most is how much glass there is and I saw a Burmese guy today cleaning the rocky Prasansook end of the beach and he smashed all the glass bottles in the rocks (so he didn't have to carry them back to the trash bin??).

Both resorts are nice and relaxed and the staff is friendly, unfortunately their prices for long stays aren't.

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Phew, wuffe, that was a nasty price for 1 month!

Strange that they´ve becomed that expensive since last year....I will ask my wife to talk to the owner....coz these prises are insane!

In Khanom you can get a decent clean and brand new bungalow at the beach for 1,500 THB per night.

And just across the beach road a bungalow costs 630 THB per night. Just a 100 meters stroll onto the beach.

But OK, I guess things changes in Sichon!

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Today I went to check Prasarnsook Resort

We stopped there recently, not for a room but just for lunch. What a mistake. Quoted over high prices for basic stuff, we were surprised that no food seemed to be coming out of the kitchen for over half an hour to any table. We left after 50 minutes waiting as did other tables, paid for our drinks and won't be back. Strangely there was some expat sat at another table annoying the heck out of everyone by watching a movie at full volume on his laptop. A <deleted> moment I guess. Not the best way to run a resort business methinks.

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i was in Khanom in december and i have say the beaches are not that great, sea is rough and nothing to do and a lot of prawn farms as been said tha sala is a nice place though i didn't see the beach and tesco is cheaper than koh samui that is for sure.

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