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Ibap Monthly Meeting

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Not sure if I should post this here but it may be of interest to some. IBAP (International Business Association of Phuket) will hold their monthly networking/social evening this coming Friday at 6.15pm, PG;s Steakhouse in Soi Sanasabai, Patong. This from the website http://ibap-phuket.org "Our May program (May 15th) will be a panel presentation by Phuket business and information experts addressing the world economic downturn and related consequences for foreigners living and working in Phuket." The panel includes Bill Barnett, Nick Davies, Alan Morrison, Alasdair Forbes.

It would be great to see some of you there. Fee for members is 200 Baht & 400 baht for guests which includes buffet & a couple of complimentary drinks of beer, wine or soft drink. There is no requirement for guests to be accompanied by a member.

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I think this will be a very timely and informative program.

I guess the only way to find out is to show up and get those unanswered questions off your chest!!

You never know, they might just have the answers you were looking for.

I for one am looking forward to it.

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What a great evening.

The panel were excellent and very informative, so a big thanks must go to Alasdair Forbes, Bill Barnett and Nick Davis for their contribution to the evening.

Also to all the IBAP board members and the staff from The Yorkshire Inn for their efforts organising the event.

Audience were happy, food was great and the weather held out!!

Couldn't ask for more and I am looking forward to next months event...

We will have a panel of local law firms in our premier event of the year "Legal Eagles".

They will be available to talk on various different topics relating to the laws in this country.

Audience are invited to send their questions in to the IBAP website prior to the event...

Just visit the website to find out more.

Next months event will be held at a venue in Phuket Town so should be a good one.


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VDO - IBAP held a Forum on ‘World Economy, Phuket Economy & You’


or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=&feature=channel_page


The International Business Association Phuket or IBAP held a Forum on ‘World Economy, Phuket Economy & You’ at Yorkshire Inn, Patong on Friday 15 May. In this extract from the beginning of the evening event, we’ll hear from Bill Barnett, Managing Director of C9 Hotelworks, Alasdair Forbes, Managing Partner of Forbes Communications and Nick Davies, Managing Editor of Phuket Gazette, plus a couple of members of IBAP asking questions, but first Bill opens with his summary of the current economic situation: ……. www.ibap-phuket.org

We may have more later this week.

Andaman News NBT TV (VHF dial) at 8.30am & perhaps repeats on Phuket Cable TV channel 1 at 3.30pm, 7pm & 1am, broadcast to Phang Nga, Krabi & Phuket provinces & Mazz Radio FM108 at 7pm in Phuket, Monday 18th May 2009 & http://thainews.prd.go.th/newsenglish/

& www.YouTube.com/AndamanNews

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The meeting was well attended by a diverse range of business people throughout Phuket who responded to the panel with many interesting & probing questions. The members of the panel all made informative & thoughtful responses. One of the best IBAP meetings of recent times & the promised Legal Eagles meeting for next month should be the icing on the cake. All of you who have the best interests of Phuket at heart should attend & take part in what should be another very informative & interesting panel discussion.

Over the years I have watched IBAP grow from a small gathering (when first started there were large attendances which dropped off & IBAP eventually had to be rebuilt from the ground up) of business people with occasional, topical speakers to one which constantly strives to provide quality topics every month & succeeds through the hard work of a group of dedicated volunteers who all have their own business to run.

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