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Vdo Phuket Authority Re-dusts Off Jetski Zoning System And Proposes Insurance Measures

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Phuket authority re-dusts off jetski zoning system and proposes insurance measures to ensure that tourists are not taken advantage of when accidents occur.

In response to continuous complaints by tourists about jet skis services, especially when accidents occur, the Phuket authority is reintroducing a policy to designate zones and apply insurance policies for jet skiers. The issues were discussed during a meeting on Monday chaired by Phuket Vice Governor Worapoj Ratasrima at the provincial hall. Kathu Police Superintendent and jet ski operators from major beaches, plus officials from the Tourism Authority of Thailand local office were also present at the meeting. The meeting proposed zoning for jet skis. Most operators agreed that an insurance policy must be covered, but the details have yet to be discussed, ie whether the policy should cover just the machines or also the riders. They suggested arranging a forum to listen to operators opinions before using the data to detail the regulations for one standard practice. Kathu Police Superintendent Pol. Col. Krissak Song-moon-naak who oversees Patong, revealed that in the past year there were 49 cases involved with jet ski accident claims. This was worth around 3 million baht, he said. He pointed out that in some cases the client had to pay over 100,000 baht damage compensation. The police superintendent stressed that having the insurance involved with neutral mechanics to assess the damage will help ease the problem. Many cases of foreign tourists’ report or post on the internet their bad experiences involving jet ski accidents and being taken advantages of by operators. Even though Phuket authority does not allow any new registration of the machines and the numbers remain unchanged of just over 100, there is no law to prevent machines registered elsewhere in Thailand to enter Phuket.

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