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BANGKOK 21 March 2019 05:01
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How To Type In Thai On A PC And Mac

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Thanks for those details, Richard. I'm having a bit of trouble with Firefox's encoding - I can't seem to make it stay with Thai ISO 8859-11. It kept changing back to Western 5889-1 (I think that was the one) so I've been a bit drastic  and removed English from Tools / Options / General / Languages and also I have set  Tools / View / Encoding / Auto Detect to "OFF".

The pages from this site are explicitly marked as being in the iso-8859-1 encoding! No 'auto-detection' is required!

If you use Firefox and don't have this problem, can you say what settings you have for languages, encoding, etc?

One reason I've had no problems may be that I am using Windows XP. I have upgraded to Service Pack 2 (and am none to pleased to discover that IE now regards a lot of javascript as unsafe.)

Windows XP Settings:

Regional options: English (United Kingdom)

Location: United Kingdom

Language Settings:

Default: English (United-Kingdom) - United States - International

Other language/keyboard options set up:

English (United States) - US keyboard

Thai - Thai Kedmanee (non-ShiftLock)

Catalan - KhmerOS - Khmer Unicode Keyboard

Switch between input languages: Left Alt + Shift

Advanced Text Services: Neither extended nor switched off.

Something makes Notepad think that the ANSI encoding includes TIS-620!

Firefox 1.0 settings

Tools/Options/General/Languages/Languages: Empty

Tools/Options/General/Languages/Default character encoding: ISO-8859-1 (Western)

View/Character encoding - no special setting - I usually just let it drift, so it's currently showing ISO-8859-1. When I was viewing Yahoo groups pages, I set it to UTF-8, and it stayed there.

Which version of Firefox are you using?

I have had form problems - see Thai-Language Firefox Issues, and I'm not sure how they are consistent with the behaviour seen on ThaiVisa.com. The only problem I've had here iwth Firefox has been with fonts for Thai, which is a relatively minor issue. As a solution, I seem to have made Tahoma the default font for nearly everything!

I followed the advice of JOCKSTER and as of yet have had no problems! . I was wondering though what is the difference between thai kedmanee & thai kedmanee (non shiftlock)

Also which font have people found to suit the thai alphabet best?

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Using Mac OSX and having trouble.....types Thai in my MACBOOK easily but wll not post in Thaivisa properly......

I have just changed to unicode and am going to try here:


Now to add reply and have a look......and it seems to have worked!! Thankyou!

Well it DID work and was in Thai and now has changed to the above "a" language!!

(BTW was there a keyboard shortcut in MAc OSX to change language?)

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I just installed firefox on my mac and just want to check if I can now type Thai on this site


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