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Workpermit And School

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So my school has finaly started doing my workpermit after we handed in my old one from 2003 that i had forgot to hand in. This was easy enough and i didnt even get into trouble. (thanks indosam for advice)

Now the funny part.

Seems i have been working under the table since last June and they have been paying taxes to the government with no tax number. Their answer to this?

We have made a contract saying you were just an English advisor from June to this March,but your tax will have to be 15% as its higher. You will have to pay all this tax yourself and forfit your summer pay from holidays to make it right. Well of course i said no and that they had better think of a better solution because this was not exceptable. They of course said your right and will handle it themselves.

Why the heck do they even think to say or think i would be willing to pay for their mistakes in the first place? I had been telling them to do the work permit since the very start and when they decide its time to do it, they feel i must suffer because of some lady not using her brain.

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Sounds like a BCC Tactic from that Turkey from the Human Resources Dept.. the one with all the connection and the BMW..

Legend has it one of the reasons the gates were locked without an official BCC lock; preventing the parents from dropping off there children was from a PO teachers and this type of thing.. :o

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