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hi,..im a local cop whi is going to retire with my partners and two children who will be 12 yrs old...now a question ...where in thailand...it depends upon what you want..yes i know....safety for the family...no particularly in the centre of a town/city...but close enough for the necessities of life...schools, health, provisions, some nightlife..whilst i will no doubt be an expat i dont want to be an englishman living abroad...im sure you know what i mean...i would like to buy a house off plan..or build or soemthing thast ios already built...know any good builders /foreman..architects....where should I not consider...what should i be aware of...are the mossies a real problem..are medical services an issue..any local contacts... clubs ,,,any ex job......forums...etc.thanks for reading this far.....intend to move early 2007....john :o

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