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Bedlam Forum Access Rules Changed

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New Access Rules For BEDLAM and Other to be created (VIP) forums

As of today we adjusted the access policy for the old vip forum now called BEDLAM.

All users with a number of posts higher then 500 will be automatically moved to "advanced members" usergroup , from which they can access the Bedlam forums and others who might be created later.

In this way we hope to provide a Place for the long standing members of the community were they can talk amongst themselves. The members that were granted access before keep their rights.

Members with less then 500 posts will be automatically granted access when they reach this mark. they will also be able to change their comment under their avatar themselves.

If you have more then 500 posts have a look



The Admin Team.

ps: if you have more then 500 posts and can't access the forum send me a pm

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